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Last updated Oct 01, 2023
Oct 01, 2023 License

Regulatory changes in Curacao have knocked the once infamous Curacao license off the throne of best license for startups. The reason is the uncertain future of the license, the price, and the new rules that many startups don’t want to play by.

This opened the doors for the Anjouan gaming license as one of the alternatives that is currently just gaining momentum among startups and already established companies.

This post is for companies looking for an international gambling license that will allow them to expand their business internationally. We will explain the benefits of the Anjouan gambling license and introduce you to websites that are already one step ahead and have applied for and received the license.

We also explain how to obtain the Anjouan gambling license and give you a list of templates you need to start the process.

Gaining the Edge: Advantages of Anjouan Gaming License

In the modern world of online gambling licenses, you need to be able to ask important questions to assess the value of different licenses. “What does this license allow us to do for the price we have to pay?” is probably the most important question you can ask yourself.

  • The Maltese MGA license gives you access to the European market, prestige and allows you to go public.
  • The Isle of Man license gives you tax advantages, access to unregulated markets and solid banking options.

With the Anjouan gambling license, on the other hand, you can start your business quickly and at a fraction of the cost of the Maltese MGA and Isle of Man licenses.

Seizing Success: The Benefits of Anjouan Licensing

Cover all gaming verticals with one license – An Anjouan gaming license enables you to manage online casinos, sports betting websites, lotto games, and a selection of popular table games like poker, blackjack, and baccarat.

The license allows you to run anything that is considered to be game of chance. Almost without exceptions.

You can license both B2C and B2B businesses. Whether you run an online casino and your customers are bettors, or you want to license an online casino platform for B2B business, the Anjouan gambling license allows you to do both.

Even better! If you create your own platform for running an online casino and offer it to other companies as a turnkey or whitelabel solution, you only need one license. With this one license you can work for both B2B and B2C purposes.

This allows to minimize the initial investment and save resources for annual maintenance.

Fast application procedure – The application process is fast and is suitable for any business that needs to be up and running soon. For example, it takes about twelve months to obtain the Maltese MGA license. That is the time it takes to complete the process from the beginning to the point where you have the license and a functioning structure.

If our client needs the license quickly, we can complete the entire structure and gambling license for Anjouan in just six to eight weeks.

gambling license - time it takes - Anjouan

Variety of games and payment options – Anjouan’s gambling license quickly became known. Due to the uncertainty caused by the Curacao Ministry of Finance in the market, more and more online casinos and betting websites are obtaining the Anjouan license.

This led many software providers, payment system providers and banks to whitelist the Anjouan license.

No Corporate Income Tax – The license alone won’t solve all your problems. Your online gambling sites need to provide your players with easy ways to fund their accounts. Giving them the ability to easily withdraw money when needed will gain their trust, which in turn will increase customer retention rates and your profits.

At the same time, optimizing your tax bills gives you a competitive advantage over other international companies. Money that you can reinvest to grow faster and capture a larger share of the market.

We work together to make sure your players have the best experience while setting up your businesses to reduce your corporate taxes to zero.

Anjouan gaming tax – The Anjouan gambling authority does not levy a gambling tax. The only fee that online gambling companies have to pay is the annual renewal fee for the license.

Do you want to compare it with the Maltese MGA license?

The non-refundable fixed annual license fee for B2C companies licensed by the MGA is 25,000 euros

Additionally, companies must pay between 4% and 0.4% of their annual GGR depending on the type of license.

You can learn about the Maltese MGA license in this post.

You can run your business internationally – You are not prevented from doing business anywhere except in some countries. If you think about it, there are 186 countries that this license covers.

Here is a list of countries restricted by the Anjouan license – United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Spain, Austria, Germany, Australia and Comoros.

You must geo-block this list. This will prevent anyone located in these countries from accessing your website.

Violation of this rule may result in suspension of your license.

Setting Sail with Anjouan: Licensing for Offshore Gambling Ventures

If you live in the United States of America and want to start your online casino business for the American market, you must obtain licenses in each state. Online casinos are currently legal in five states and you can get an online gambling license for your sports betting business in twenty-five states.

In addition, you must establish a business in the United States and follow all the federal and local rules and regulations.

This is called on-shore gambling.

Anjouan’s gambling license gives you the opportunity to start an online gambling business and register a company in one of the offshore countries. This gives you operational and tax flexibility. Without spending a fortune on licenses.

“In the gaming space it’s become a proven model, you start in the grey market and you grow to a huge size, and then you find a path to becoming more regulated.” – Nigel Eccles, founder of FanDuel and crypto betting site BetDex.

Earning Respect: The Recognition of Anjouan Gaming License

Dozens of online casinos and sports betting websites already received the Anjouan online gambling license. This is a significant milestone as more and more international banks, payment system providers and software providers recognize and whitelist the license.

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Some Anjouan gambling license holders –,,,

The license is actually backed by the government of Anjouan which is a must for any license that wants international recognition.

Anjouan offshore financial authority oversees certain aspects of online gambling licensing and Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board (ABGB) regulates the gaming and betting industry, including online casinos and sports betting platforms.

Regulatory Oversight, Compliance with Offshore Regulations, and Enhanced Trust both for players and operators are some important factors that allow the Anjouan gaming license to get recognition fast.

Approval of an Anjouan gambling license by the Anjouan Offshore Financial Authority (OFA) lends an important degree of credibility and trustworthiness to the license.

Along with the validator that your team will have to put in the footer of your website for all players to see, you will also get a certificate singed by the Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority.

Anjouan license certificate

Your Roadmap to Licensing: Anjouan's Process and Requirements

The procedure for obtaining the Anjouan gaming license is pretty straightforward. Certain requirements must be met to ensure you are ready for the application process.

All license holders, including shareholders, UBOs and directors, must go through the KYC process and have certain backgrounds that explain their decision to engage in the online gambling business.

Navigating the Waters: Obtaining an Anjouan Gaming License

Thorough Preliminary Assessment

Do you know what is better than starting work on the license?

That’s knowing your chances before the work has begun. That’s why our first step is to define the roadmap. Prior to submission, our team conducts an exhaustive preliminary review. To understand what you’re still missing to get regulatory approval.

We have already obtained over three hundred licenses for our clients and we enjoy high success rate. Thanks to this experience, we can provide you with the best support before we even start the process.

Once that is done, we can start working on the documents.

Documentary perfection

We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to put together a comprehensive package of documents that ensures every ingredient meets the exact stringent regulatory requirements.

Mistakes at this stage can cost you months of lost time. So you can either get the license in 6-8 weeks or fail miserably and wait many months for approval.


We get an average of five requests per month to help resolve licensing issues. In almost 100% of all cases, the main problem is that people can’t get a license for months. That’s a big problem, especially if you already had to go to market five months ago.

Seamless Incorporation

We carry out the incorporation process seamlessly. From legal formalities to paperwork – we handle it all. This step is necessary not only to obtain the gambling license, but also to maximize revenue streams and minimize unnecessary costs.

How do we do it?

We take several steps ahead to give you a structure that allows you to easily connect payment system providers and open bank accounts.

By optimizing your tax strategy, we minimize your tax burden so you can keep more of your hard-earned profits. Lower taxes mean you can offer more competitive prices and better value to your customers. This competitive advantage can help you capture a larger market share and build your brand’s reputation.

Filing of all license documents

It’s time to apply for the license!

We work closely with regulators, expedite the licensing process, and provide expert assistance to ensure your licensing is efficient and successful. Our goal is to get you licensed within three to four weeks so you can get to market super fast.

Documents you will need to prepare to get the license

Each individual holding a position as an officer, authorized person, shareholder, director, beneficial owner, or ultimate beneficial owner is required to furnish the following documentation:

  1. A Certified Copy of a Valid Passport*: Include pages displaying the individual’s photograph and signature.
  2. A Recently Issued Utility Bill: Providing proof of current residence.
  3. A Police Clearance Certificate or Certificate of No Criminal Record: Demonstrating a clean criminal history.
  4. A Comprehensive CV/Resume: Detailing qualifications and professional background.
  5. An Original Banker’s Reference: The banking relationship should span over two years.
  6. An Original Professional Letter of Reference from an Accountant or Lawyer: The professional association should extend over two years.
  7. Details of Content: This includes copies of agreements and/or third-party Random Number Generator (RNG) testing certificates and Return to Player (RTP) documentation if applicable.
  8. Domain ownership copies: Demonstrating ownership of the associated domain.
  9. Copies of Terms & Conditions: These must encompass policies related to underage gaming, responsible gaming, and player Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines.

Online Gaming License is an essential part of any online casino and sports betting website. It makes it possible to develop the best competitive product, connect payment methods and eliminate operational risks. At License Gentlemen, we specialize in creating solid structures and securing licenses with a 100% success rate.

“Investing in Your Business: Anjouan Licensing Costs and Corporate Structure”

The cost of Anjouan gambling license depends on several factors. As a rule, people overlook this. Many believe that the licensing process is something similar to buying nail polish at Walmart.

You need to know how to scale your business effectively. And you need to create a business structure that eliminates all operational risks and allows you to work with any partner. A gambling license is just a piece of the puzzle.

What’s an example of something you’ve done wrong?

It’s not uncommon for us to talk to people who never got licensed. Most of the time they say that it takes forever to get the license or that their application was denied after several months of waiting.

In such cases, it’s difficult for us to change anything because things are already too far along. It’s almost always easier to accept the loss, forget the months of pain, and intelligently start over.

Another thing is the operational risks.

Many people believe that getting a license is enough. But what good is the license if you can’t connect payment systems that allow your customers to deposit and withdraw money easily? Or you have a license and pay too much tax. That’s a recipe for failure because you lose the competitive edge and can’t keep the churn rate down or reinvest enough money to grow your business.

Our goal is to get your license in a few weeks and make sure your business has all the advantages that other operators like or have.

Depending on your needs, the Anjouan gambling license and structure will cost you between 24,000 and 45,000 EUR.


In conclusion, the Anjouan gambling license is a dynamic choice for entrepreneurs venturing into the online casino industry. While the Curacao license is fraught with uncertainty, Anjouan is gaining traction with its myriad advantages:

  • Cost-effective: Anjouan’s license is a cost-effective alternative to expensive licenses like the Maltese MGA and Isle of Man, giving you an affordable start to your business.
  • Versatile vertical: With a single license, you can cover a wide range of gambling areas, from casinos to sports betting to lotteries, minimizing your initial investment and simplifying maintenance.
  • Fast approval: Unlike the lengthy procedures for some licenses, Anjouan’s license can be granted in as little as six to eight weeks – ideal for those who want to get to market quickly.
  • Game and payment diversity: Anjouan’s license is supported by a growing number of software and payment providers, giving you access to a wide variety of casino games and payment methods.
  • No corporate tax: Benefit from tax optimization that lowers your operating costs and increases your competitiveness in the market.
  • Offshore Flexibility: Anjouan allows offshore gaming and offers operational and tax flexibility without the need to set up a business in the US or any other on-shore Jurisdiction.
  • Recognized Authority: Anjouan’s license is backed by the government and recognized by international banks, payment providers and software developers.
  • Efficient application: Our proven approach includes pre-screening, comprehensive document preparation, seamless incorporation, and efficient filing to ensure you meet regulatory requirements and receive your license quickly.
  • Customized business structure: We design a customized ownership structure to reduce risk, optimize your tax strategy, and facilitate connectivity to payment systems and bank accounts.
  • Competitive advantage: Lower taxes and efficient operations give you a competitive advantage that allows you to offer competitive prices and better value to your customers.
  • Licensing costs: Licensing costs vary depending on your needs and range from 24,000 to 45,000 EUR.
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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I start my business without an iGaming license?

Yes, you can. Just like you can sell drugs and weapons without a license. Should you do that? Definitely no.

The license allows you to connect to the best software providers, payment system providers and gives you banking options. It also plays an important role in the minds of players, because many players are looking for licensed casinos. Especially the high rollers. Sharks will never play at a casino that does not have a license.

Can you speed up the process? We need a license tomorrow (next week)

No. If you treat the application and licensing process like a carton of milk you can buy at the store, then we have a problem and probably won’t be able to help you. You must be morally responsible and hold yourself accountable for all actions. This also means that you must understand that the approval process takes time.

We can speed up the process of getting your license significantly so it only takes a few weeks.

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