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Streamline Your Online Casino Payments with Our Cashier Service

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We offer a “One-Stop Cashier” service so that you can accept payment from any player who registers at your online casino.
This means that we don’t just offer you payment system providers and leave you alone with the integration into your website. We take care of the entire process, from compiling a list of the best solutions suitable for your market, through the onboarding process, negotiating the best offer, to QA and GO LIVE.

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What is the Online Casino Cashier?

We combine multiple payment service providers into a unified cashier system with its own market-appropriate currency to give your users the most local feel possible. This way you can cover the entire market and offer your players the payment methods that are used the most.
In other words, you can meet the expectations of all players and offer them the most convenient ways to fund their accounts.

Our clients

Market expertise
Instead of checking every payment processor, we tell you exactly which payment system providers work for your market and how much they charge for each deposit or withdrawal.

Advantages of
our Cashier

Conversion Rate
You don't need another payment system provider. You need payment methods that people have gotten used to paying for services. Just like shopping on Amazon. With this, you can accept payments from anyone, which increases your conversion rates.
Lowest transaction fees
Unlike other services, we don't charge our margin on every transaction a player makes. Instead, we negotiate the best fees a startup can ever get, saving operators hundreds of thousands of dollars in a short period of time.
Competitive Advantage
The best payment system providers that make it easy to deposit and withdraw money will set you apart from everyone else. Over fifty percent of players say they only trust online casinos that don't have payment problems. You'll retain twice as many players and grow your business faster.
Fast Integration
We set the roadmap for your casino or sportsbook, negotiate the contracts, fulfill the requirements, and complete the integration in just a few weeks.

The procedure of
connecting the Cashier

Building a Roadmap
We create a roadmap based on your chosen markets and requirements. We carefully select reputable payment solutions that you can use to receive payments. Depending on the size of your business, we recommend the options with the lowest fees that will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.
Compliance process
We'll handle the onboarding and compliance process for you. Different payment providers have different onboarding rules. Through our experience with hundreds of different solutions across multiple markets, we know exactly how to handle this process in a matter of weeks instead of waiting months.
Integration and Launch
Our software developers will work with you and your team to properly integrate all payment system providers into your platform. When everything is done, you'll have a 100% working system and can start accepting payments immediately.


Who’s Cashier Service best for?
Usually we work with three types of clients:

1. If you are a startup and want to offer payment methods that cover the entire market, we will create a list of payment system providers and integrate them with your existing online casino/sportsbook.

2. If you are an existing operator and have problems with your current payment system providers, we can perform a free audit and provide you with a solution that meets your needs and the expectations of your players.

3. If you are an existing operator paying high fees, we can review the entire fee structure and negotiate a better deal with the appropriate payment system providers.
How much do you charge for your services?
Each project is different. For example, you may need a cashier for several markets. In this case, it may take much more time to create a cashier for each market.
As a result, you get a well-functioning system with all the required payment methods. Your players can easily deposit and withdraw money, which increases conversion and churn rates.
For your business, this means more revenue. It also saves you hundreds of thousands of dollars in transaction fees. Please contact us to get the best offer.
Do You Support Other High-Risk Industries?
Our main focus is on the gambling industry. That is, we work with online casinos and sports betting providers. If you have a special request for another project, please let us know and we will consider it on a case-by-case basis.


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