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After the creation of the Online Gambling Regulation Act, the Gambling Commission began issuing licenses for online gambling in 2001.
Strict regulations give operators access to a number of benefits that allow them to run their business more efficiently than with many other licenses. It also creates a safer environment for players.

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Important Information

Curacao's gambling license is currently undergoing some important regulatory changes. This affects all active operators, software providers, and platform providers. We recommend you to talk to one of our experts before applying for a Curacao license. Beware of scammers who claim that it's easy to get the Curacao gambling license. You can lose your money.

Benefits of the Isle of Man Online Gambling License

Tax rate
The Isle of Man has a favorable tax regime for businesses. It offers a standard corporate tax rate of 0%, making it an attractive location for tax planning and optimization. This can significantly reduce your tax liability and increase profitability.
Stellar reputation. Over time, the regulator introduced mechanisms to balance the experience for players and workload reduction for operators, software vendors, and platform providers.
Cover all gaming verticals
The Isle of Man gambling license is a versatile and comprehensive license that supports various areas of the gambling industry: Online Casinos, Sports Betting, eSports betting, Online poker, Lotteries & Scratch Cards, Bingo, Fantasy Sports, Skill Games, Social Gambling and other games of chance.
Variety of games and payment options
With an Isle of Man gambling license, you get access to a comprehensive selection of software providers, including Evolution, NetEnt, Play'n Go, and many more. Similar to the esteemed Maltese MGA license, the Isle of Man license upholds a strong reputation as it requires a thorough assessment of all directors, beneficial owners (UBOs), and shareholders as part of its rigorous vetting process. Strict technical and safety requirements also apply. This rigorous protocol makes applicants not only reliable partners but also sought-after by software and payment providers.
Access to markets
The Isle of Man license is an international license. It allows operators to offer their services in many countries around the world - technically the license gives you access to unregulated markets and markets where gambling is not restricted by law. Compliance with the laws and regulations of each country is essential. Contact us to learn more about the countries prohibited by the Isle of Man License.

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Process of obtaining an Isle of Man online gambling license

We check whether a gambling license for the Isle of Man matches your expectations. Then we help to prepare all the necessary documents, including certificates, notarized copies, bank references, and utility bills. Our team carefully reviews everything to avoid potential delays in the process.
We submit your application with all documentation to the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. Our thorough preparation ensures that your application is complete and meets regulatory standards.
Regulatory authorities review your application, evaluating factors such as your suitability for the gaming business, your business strategy, operational capabilities, and technical compliance.
Together we will determine the geographic areas and target markets in which you want to operate. This is an important consideration for regulators to verify compliance with local laws and regulations.
We help organize server collocation within the jurisdiction. This step underscores your commitment to regulatory compliance and oversight.
After a successful check, your license will be approved and issued. With our help, this process is efficient and usually completed within a few weeks.
Even after obtaining the license, we will support you with regulatory compliance, business development and market expansion, helping you succeed in the online gambling industry.

Requirements for a Isle of Man Online Gambling license

In order to obtain a gambling license for the Isle of Man, all authorized persons, officers, directors, shareholders, beneficial owners, and ultimate beneficiaries must meet strict criteria and applications. These requirements include:
A certificate of good conduct: Applicants must provide a recent certificate of good conduct that is no more than 3 months old. This requirement assures regulators and players that all parties involved have not committed any criminal activity and ensures the highest level of trust and integrity.
Certified Passport Copies: All relevant individuals, including authorized persons, officers, directors, shareholders, beneficial owners, and ultimate beneficiaries, must provide certified copies of their passports. This verifies their identity and legal status, increasing security and transparency.
Bank References: Applicants must provide current bank references, which should not be older than 3 months. These references serve as proof of financial stability and credibility and demonstrate their ability to effectively manage financial transactions.
Utility Bills: Copies of utility bills no older than 3 months must be provided to confirm the authenticity of the addresses provided. This measure ensures that the physical locations of individuals and the company are legitimate and can be traced if needed.
Gaming Portfolio: A comprehensive description of the games to be offered is essential. This detailed information includes the types of games, their rules and how they operate. Regulators review this to ensure that the games are fair, transparent and meet industry standards
Business Strategy: A thorough business plan is required to provide insight into the company's strategic goals, market entry strategies, and financial projections. This document helps regulators assess the long-term viability and sustainability of the business.
RNG Certification: Confirmation of the application of the Random Number Generator (RNG) and its fairness is critical. Typically, certification is sought from a third party such as iTechLabs or GLI to confirm that the RNG algorithms generate truly random and unbiased outcomes in the games.
Software Information: Detailed information about the software to be used is necessary. If available, a Technical Systems Testing (TST) or similar report should be submitted to demonstrate that the software meets or exceeds industry standards for fairness, security, and reliability.
Geographic Market/Target Market: Applicants must clearly define the geographic regions and target markets in which they intend to operate. This information will help regulators assess whether the company complies with local laws and regulations.
Server location: A specific requirement dictates that servers must be located in the Isle of Man. This ensures that the gaming operation is physically located within the territory, which contributes to regulatory oversight and compliance with the Isle of Man's strict standards.


How long does it take to get an Isle of Man Gambling License?
This is not a license for small businesses. It requires a strong team ready to pass the review process and a serious budget.
Different businesses need different solutions that also allow them to solve cash flow and tax problems. In that sense, this is a "Bentley with features".
Depending on your needs, vision, and local laws, we'll help you find the best solution that will benefit your business in the long run.
What is the cost of the Isle of Man Gambling License?
This is not a license for small businesses. It requires a strong team ready to pass the review process and a serious budget.
Different businesses need different solutions that also allow them to solve cash flow and tax problems. In that sense, this is a "Bentley with features".
Depending on your needs, vision, and local laws, we'll help you find the best solution that will benefit your business in the long run.

The Isle of Man gambling license is a Tier-1 international license with a rather complicated application and compliance process. Usually, startups do not begin with it because it requires a significant financial and time investment and a well-organized and experienced team. As with any other license, there are pros and cons – depending on your business model, markets, vision, and technical aspects, this license can be a good choice or a nightmare for your company.

At LicenseGentlemen we not only take care of acquiring an Isle of Man gambling license, but we also provide comprehensive support for entrepreneurs who want to build a successful business.

Types of gambling licenses you can get in the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man offers a range of gambling licenses to suit the different needs of businesses, and LicenseGentlemen can help you navigate through these options:

  • Full License: the full license is ideal for businesses that want to operate a wide range of gambling activities. It is suitable for casinos, sportsbooks and online gambling platforms.
  • Sublicense: sublicenses are granted to companies operating under the umbrella of an existing full license holder. This option is often chosen by affiliates, white-label operators and companies that want to offer gambling services under an established licensee. For example, if you have a platform licensed by the Isle of Man, you can get a sublicense for your operation for five thousand pounds.
  • Network Services License: Network licenses are important for companies that provide key network infrastructure, hosting, or support services to online gambling operators. This license allows you to contribute to the gambling ecosystem without being directly involved in gambling.
  • Software Supplier License: If your business specializes in developing and providing gaming software, this license is for you. It allows you to offer gambling solutions to licensed providers on the Isle of Man and strengthens the island’s reputation as a center for innovative gambling technology.

Benefits of an Isle of Man license: Why should you choose an Isle of Man gaming license?

Here are some compelling reasons:

  • Excellent regulation: the Isle of Man has a well-established and respected regulatory framework for the gambling industry. Holding a license from this jurisdiction increases the credibility of your business and shows that you are committed to maintaining high industry standards. This is by definition, because those who are willing to spend ten times as much for a license and go through a lengthy application process show a different level of commitment.
  • Tax Optimizationt: The Isle of Man’s favorable tax regime can result in significant cost savings over time, allowing you to allocate more resources to growth and innovation. On the Island, there is a 0% corporate income tax rate for most scenarios.
  • You can go public: Investors often have more confidence in companies operating in countries known for strict regulation and financial stability. The Isle of Man’s regulatory framework is aligned with international standards, which also means a high-quality earnings record. This is one of the reasons why you have more chances of a successful initial public offering (IPO.

How to get a gambling license in the Isle of Man

Here are the key steps:

  • Step 1: Initial Consultation: schedule an in-depth consultation to discuss your business goals and legal requirements. Challenges include determining if you are eligible for the license and which license type is best.
  • Step 2: Prepare the application: work with experts to create a solid license application that meets all legal requirements. It can be difficult to meet the extensive documentation requirements, but attention to detail is critical to minimize the risk of delays or rejections.
  • Step 3: Consult with regulators: Leverage existing relationships with regulators to facilitate the application process. This step can be challenging when dealing with regulatory authorities, but the benefit is faster turnaround times and clear instructions when additional information is needed.
  • Step 4: Local Directors: An important requirement for obtaining a gambling license in the Isle of Man is the hiring of experienced directors.

How much does a gambling license from the Isle of Man cost?

Isle of Man gambling license cost can depend on a number of factors, such as the type of license you need, the scale of your operation, and the structure of your business. We understand that budget considerations are important, and we work closely with you to provide a tailored cost estimate based on your specific needs. Our goal is to ensure that your license investment is both reasonable and in line with your long-term business goals.

In many places on the Internet, you can find the information that the Isle of Man license cost can be around 40,000 pounds. This is not entirely true, because you also have to include the cost of maintenance. You have to hire local directors, invest in technology, office, etc. Your early license maintenance can easily reach 100,000 pounds. Contact us to learn more about it.

Isle of Man gambling license requirements

In order to obtain an IoM gaming license, you must meet certain requirements, including:

  • Financial stability: proving financial stability is crucial to getting a license. Our experts will work with you to prepare comprehensive financial reports that meet regulatory standards and give your application a solid foundation. You will also need to prove your working capital.
  • Technical Capability: Businesses seeking an Isle of Man license should invest in the necessary technical infrastructure, regularly update their systems, and remain compliant with evolving industry standards.
  • Anti-Money Laundering Compliance (AML): AML measures are a top priority in the gambling industry. AML measures are essential for preventing criminals from using gambling platforms to launder illicitly gained funds.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) Procedures: By enforcing strict KYC controls, the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission aims to maintain the integrity of the gambling industry, prevent criminal activities, and protect both operators and players.

How can LicenseGentlemen help you get a license in the Isle of Man?

At LicenseGentlemen, we pride ourselves on being your comprehensive partner throughout the licensing process. Here is how we can assist you:

  • We carefully prepare your license application and ensure that all required documentation is complete and accurate. Our attention to detail minimizes the risk of delays or rejections due to incomplete or incorrect information.
  • We’ll also help you with everything that needs to be done on the ground – local managing directors, office, technical infrastructure, legal and accounting support.
  • Our good relations with the authorities speed up the processing of your application. We know their expectations and priorities, so we can proactively address any concerns and ensure a smooth application process.
  • We’ll structure your business so you pay as little tax as possible so you can invest more in your gambling business. This is a tricky one because the corporate tax rate on the island is 0%. We also help optimize VAT, which is currently 20%. Our tax experts use the Isle of Man’s favorable tax system to create a tax-efficient business structure tailored to your specific needs.
  • Our network includes experienced local business managers who can facilitate your licensing process. Their local knowledge and connections can be invaluable when it comes to meeting regulatory requirements and building trust with local stakeholders.

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Quick turnaround.
We focus only on licensing and structuring to guarantee you get your license as soon as possible. Without any delays. We achieve this by maintaining our relationships with all key regulators which is important during the application process because it allows us to resolve issues quickly without wasting time.
Your business needs to make money
In addition to licensing, you also need to make sure that the entire setup is done properly - you need to be able to connect payment system providers and generate cash flow. You stand to gain a lot more if your companies are located in the right jurisdictions that allow you to optimize taxes. Instead of opening just any business, we'll carefully review your business and show you options that can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Ongoing Support
We understand you want immediate answers. You'll have a dedicated channel where you can ask any question and get an answer immediately, saving you days and allowing you to get licensed quickly.
Free Consultation
With over 300 successful projects, we have worked with more than 300 companies and not just delivered the license. We'll show you the best platforms you need for your needs. You'll also learn which payment solutions are right for your market and work like clockwork on your website.


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