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Terms of Service

Last Updated: [23 of September, 2023]

Welcome to LicenseGentlemen!

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) govern your use of the LicenseGentlemen website and all the content, services, features, activities, and products offered through the website (collectively referred to as the “Services”). The Services are owned and operated by QuantumYou Sia, doing business as LicenseGentlemen (“LicenseGentlemen,” “we,” or “us”). Please read these Terms carefully as they, together with LicenseGentlemen’s Privacy Policy and Copyright or Intellectual Property Infringement Notification Policy (both of which are incorporated by reference), create a legally binding agreement between you and LicenseGentlemen that governs your use of the Services (referred to as this “Agreement”). By accessing or using the Services, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. If you do not agree to all of these Terms, you may not access or use the Services. Please note that the Services are intended for use by individuals who are at least 16 years old.


1. Content on the Services

1.1 General Disclaimer:

The opinions expressed by contributors, authors, and moderators who post content (“Content”) on LicenseGentlemen are their personal opinions and do not represent the views of LicenseGentlemen, whether or not these individuals are employees or contractors of LicenseGentlemen. The Content is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only and should not be considered an endorsement or representation by LicenseGentlemen or any other party.

1.2 Ownership and Usage:

The Content available on the Services is intended solely for your personal, non-commercial use. Any commercial use of the Content or Services is strictly prohibited. All materials published and distributed on or through the Services, including news articles, photographs, images, illustrations, audio clips, and video clips (collectively referred to as the “Content”), are protected by copyright under U.S. and international copyright laws. This Content is either owned or controlled by LicenseGentlemen or credited to the original provider. Unless otherwise stated in Sections 1.3 and 5.4 of this Agreement, you may not alter, publish, transmit, adapt, engage in the transfer or sale of, reproduce, create derivative works from, distribute, perform, display, or exploit any portion of the Content, in whole or in part, without the express written consent of LicenseGentlemen or the copyright owner as identified in the copyright notice accompanying the Content. It is prohibited to modify or remove any proprietary notices found within the Content. Additionally, you may not use any LicenseGentlemen logo, proprietary graphics, or trademarks without the explicit written permission of LicenseGentlemen. You are required to adhere to all additional copyright notices, information, or restrictions provided in any Content accessed through the Services. Title, ownership rights, and intellectual property rights related to the Content and Services, as well as any copies or portions thereof, remain the property of LicenseGentlemen and/or its Content providers or licensors. LicenseGentlemen reserves all rights not explicitly granted in this Agreement.

1.3 Limited Usage License

Subject to your strict adherence to this Agreement, LicenseGentlemen grants you a limited, revocable, non-transferable, non-assignable, and non-exclusive license to access, download (temporary storage only), display, view, use, play, and/or print the Content (excluding Content accessed through LicenseGentlemen’s Advanced Consulting and excluding source and object code in raw form or otherwise, except as made available for access and use through a standard web browser for display purposes) on a personal computer, mobile phone, wireless device, or any other Internet-enabled device, for your personal, non-commercial use only, in accordance with the limitations outlined in this Agreement. This limited license (A) does not grant you any ownership or other intellectual property rights over the Content, and (B) may be immediately suspended or terminated at LicenseGentlemen’s sole discretion and without prior notice or liability for any reason.

Please make sure to review and understand these Terms of Service thoroughly.


2. User-Generated Content

2.1 Prohibited Actions:

Your use of the Services comes with responsibilities. You are solely accountable for the content you post and your interactions on the Services. To maintain a respectful environment, you must refrain from the following:

  • (A) Posting or transmitting libelous, defamatory, indecent, obscene, fraudulent, deceptive, abusive, or pornographic content.
  • (B) Sharing content that infringes upon the property rights of others.
  • (C) Using the Services to threaten, harass, or violate the legal rights, including privacy and publicity rights, of others.
  • (D) Uploading or downloading files containing software, trademarks, logos, data, images, or other materials protected by intellectual property laws or other applicable laws, unless you own or have the necessary permissions.
  • (E) Uploading files containing viruses or corrupted data.
  • (F) Misrepresenting the source or origin of software or other materials within uploaded files.
  • (G) Falsely claiming to be an employee or agent of LicenseGentlemen.
  • (H) Engaging in any activity that contravenes applicable laws or regulations.
  • (I) Attempting to circumvent, disable, or interfere with security-related features of the Services or features that prevent or restrict the use, copying, or access to any Content or enforce limitations on the use of the Services or Content.

LicenseGentlemen does not endorse or vouch for any content posted on the Services. We do not actively review user-generated content, and we have no obligation to do so.

2.2 LicenseGentlemen’s Exclusive Rights

You acknowledge that any materials and information (referred to as “User Submissions”) you post, upload, or submit to the Services may be edited, removed, deleted, modified, published, transmitted, and displayed by LicenseGentlemen at our sole discretion and without seeking your permission. You waive any rights, including moral rights, to prevent alterations to your content. We reserve the right to remove, disable, or restrict access to User Submissions for any reason, with or without notice, if they violate our policies or are objectionable to LicenseGentlemen. However, we are not responsible for controlling or editing any content, and we are not obligated to remove inappropriate or unlawful content.

2.3 License to LicenseGentlemen

By submitting User Submissions, you grant LicenseGentlemen a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, unrestricted, unconditional, worldwide, and cost-free license to use, copy, record, disclose, sell, sublicense, reproduce, distribute, redistribute, modify, adapt, publish, edit, translate, transmit, create derivative works of, broadcast, publicly perform, display, or otherwise exploit your User Submissions in any manner, format, or medium, through any media, software, formula, or technology, known or developed in the future. You also grant us the right to use your name, persona, image, photograph, and likeness associated with your User Submissions, without any obligation or compensation to you. This includes waiving any moral rights in your User Submissions. You agree not to hold LicenseGentlemen liable for any infringement or misappropriation of proprietary rights in your User Submissions.

2.4 Representations and Warranties

Each time you submit a User Submission, you represent and warrant that:

  • (A) You are the sole author and owner of the intellectual property and other rights to the User Submission, or you have the legal right to submit it and grant LicenseGentlemen the rights outlined in this Agreement.
  • (B) The User Submission is accurate.
  • (C) The User Submission does not and will not infringe any intellectual property or other rights of third parties.
  • (D) The User Submission will not violate this Agreement or harm any person.
  • (E) The User Submission complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

2.5 User Responsibility

You are fully responsible for the content of your User Submissions and any resulting consequences. LicenseGentlemen does not assume responsibility or liability for User Submissions posted on the Services or any linked websites. We do not provide any warranties or guarantees regarding the accuracy, copyright compliance, legality, or any other aspect of User Submissions.

2.6 Non-Confidentiality of User Submissions

User Submissions may be publicly available on the Services. Do not post confidential information. You agree that LicenseGentlemen may disclose your identity and information in response to legal requests or actions arising from your User Submissions.

2.7 Unsolicited Email, Spamming, and Spoofing

You may not use the Services to transmit unsolicited email. You may not send unsolicited email to the Services or to email addresses using domain names associated with the Services. You may not use any domain name on our Services to disguise your identity when communicating from other locations or through other services. You may not impersonate someone else or spoof their identity when using the Services.


3. Links to Third-Party Websites

The LicenseGentlemen website (“Website”) may contain links to websites operated by third parties (“Third-Party Websites”). Access to Third-Party Websites is at your own risk, and QuantumYou Sia, operating under the trade name LicenseGentlemen (“LicenseGentlemen”), is not responsible for the accuracy, availability, or reliability of any information, goods, data, opinions, advice, or statements made available on Third-Party Websites. These links may also lead to Third-Party Websites containing information that some people may find inappropriate or offensive. The inclusion of any links to Third-Party Websites on LicenseGentlemen does not imply an endorsement or recommendation by LicenseGentlemen. LicenseGentlemen is not responsible for any form of transmission received from any link, nor is LicenseGentlemen responsible if any of these links are not working appropriately. Third-Party Websites are not under the control of LicenseGentlemen, and LicenseGentlemen makes no representations or warranties of any kind regarding such Third-party Websites. LicenseGentlemen shall have no liability for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any Third-Party Website. You are responsible for viewing and abiding by any privacy statements and terms of use posted in connection with Third-Party Websites, and these Third-Party Websites are not governed by this Agreement.


4. Copyright or Intellectual Property Infringement Notification

If you believe in good faith that material or Content available on LicenseGentlemen infringes a copyright or other intellectual property right that you own or for which you are a beneficial owner or exclusive licensee, you are encouraged to notify LicenseGentlemen. It is our policy to terminate, in appropriate circumstances, the access rights of repeat infringers.


5. Operation of the Services

LicenseGentlemen reserves full and exclusive authority over the operation of the Services. LicenseGentlemen may, among other actions: (A) provide third parties with information pertaining to the Services and their users, in accordance with the Privacy Policy; and (B) withdraw, suspend, or discontinue any aspect or feature of the Services. You acknowledge and consent to the occasional unavailability or inoperability of the Services for various reasons, including, but not limited to: (i) equipment malfunctions; (ii) scheduled maintenance procedures or repairs conducted by LicenseGentlemen; or (iii) circumstances beyond LicenseGentlemen’s control or those not reasonably foreseeable by LicenseGentlemen.


6. Disclaimer of Warranties

LicenseGentlemen provides the Services on an “as-is” basis. LicenseGentlemen makes no express or implied representations or warranties regarding the operation of the Services or the accuracy of the information, content, materials, or products included on the Services. This includes the accuracy of content when initially posted or as it may change over time. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, LicenseGentlemen disclaims all warranties, whether express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, non-infringement, and the security, continuous accessibility, uninterrupted use, or error-free nature of access to or use of the Services. LicenseGentlemen makes no representations, warranties, or guarantees regarding human and machine errors, omissions, delays, losses (including data loss), or the absence of viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or other potentially harmful code in files available for download from the Services. This disclaimer of warranty is an integral part of this Agreement. If you are dissatisfied with any part of the Service or any of these terms, your sole and exclusive remedy is to cease using the Services and, where applicable, terminate your Premium Account. In the event of any conflict between this Section 8 and other terms or provisions of this Agreement, this Section shall take precedence.


7. Limitation of Liability

In no event shall LicenseGentlemen, its affiliates, vendors, subcontractors, officers, directors, employees, or agents be liable under any legal theory for any indirect, incidental, special, punitive, or consequential damages. These damages may include, but are not limited to, loss of profits, business interruption, loss of information or data, or costs associated with replacing goods. Such damages may arise out of or be connected to this Agreement, the use or inability to use the Services, or reliance on the content, even if LicenseGentlemen has been advised of the possibility of such damages. LicenseGentlemen, its affiliates, vendors, subcontractors, officers, directors, employees, and agents’ total liability under this Agreement, if any, for any claims related to this Agreement shall be limited to the charges paid by you for the period during which the events forming the basis of the claims occurred. Under no circumstances shall such liability exceed the total payments made by you over the prior twelve months.


8. Indemnification

You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless LicenseGentlemen, its officers, directors, employees, agents, and suppliers from any losses, expenses, damages, and costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees. This indemnification results from any violation of this Agreement by you or any user submissions posted or submitted by you. This includes, but is not limited to, the infringement of third parties’ worldwide intellectual property rights or negligent or wrongful conduct.


9. Waiver and Release

You agree that neither LicenseGentlemen nor its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, or suppliers shall have any liability to you under any theory of liability or indemnity in connection with your use of the LicenseGentlemen Services. You specifically acknowledge that LicenseGentlemen shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for any user submissions or the defamatory, offensive, or illegal conduct of any third party. The risk of harm or damage from the foregoing rests entirely with you. You hereby release and forever waive any and all claims you may have against LicenseGentlemen, its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, or suppliers. This includes, but is not limited to, claims based upon the negligence of LicenseGentlemen, its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, or suppliers, for losses or damages sustained in connection with your use of the Services.


10. Modifications and Termination

10.1 Periodic Revisions

You agree that we may periodically modify the terms of this Agreement. Your continued access to the Services is contingent upon your ongoing compliance with the most current version of this Agreement. Any modifications will take effect on the date published on the website. We will inform you of significant revisions or changes to this Agreement through one of the following methods: (1) posting a notice on the LicenseGentlemen website for thirty (30) days following any revisions or changes to this Agreement and/or posting a notice on LicenseGentlemen the first time you visit the website following such revisions or changes, or (2) sending a direct email communication to you if you have provided us with an email address. By continuing to access the Services after being notified of such revisions or changes by email, or if you have not received an email notification, after thirty (30) days from the time the revised terms and conditions are first posted on LicenseGentlemen (whichever comes first), you will be considered to have accepted the new terms and conditions. If you do not provide us with a valid email address for receiving information about revisions or changes to this Agreement, you agree that you will not receive email notifications. In case you change your email address, it is your responsibility to notify us of the new address to continue receiving email notifications. We bear no responsibility for your failure to receive such notifications. It is your obligation to review this page for potential modifications. If you disagree with the revisions, you have the option to discontinue using the Services.


11. Force Majeure

Neither Party shall be held liable for any default, delay, or failure in fulfilling its obligations under these Terms of Services (excluding payment defaults) caused directly or indirectly by circumstances beyond its reasonable control. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to, natural disasters (like fire or flood), acts of God, labor disputes, acts of war or terrorism, pandemics, disruptions in transportation or communications, shortages of supplies, or the failure of any third party to fulfill commitments related to the production or delivery of necessary equipment or materials for a Party to fulfill its obligations under these Terms.

Initially, a force majeure event or an unforeseeable circumstance shall result in the suspension of the Parties’ obligations hereunder.

If the force majeure event or unforeseeable circumstance persists for more than three (3) months and in the absence of a different agreement between the Parties, these Terms of Service shall be automatically terminated without the need for a court ruling, formal notice, or prior notification. In such a situation, the Parties shall not be held accountable for the complete or partial non-fulfillment of their obligations under these Terms.


12. Severability

If any provision of this Agreement is deemed invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, that provision shall be considered as if it were not a part of this Agreement. The remainder of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.


13. Notices

QuantumYou Sia may send notices to you regarding this Agreement via electronic mail, general or specific notifications on the Services, and communications to your QuantumYou Sia account. You can provide notices to QuantumYou Sia anytime via electronic mail to the following address:


14. Miscellaneous

QuantumYou Sia reserves the right to immediately terminate or suspend access to the Services for you, without prior notice or liability, in case of a breach of this Agreement or for any other reason. The failure of either Party to enforce any right provided for in this Agreement shall not be considered a waiver of any other rights granted herein. This Agreement is not transferable, assignable, or sublicensable by you without prior written consent from QuantumYou Sia. No agency, partnership, joint venture, or employment relationship is established as a result of this Agreement, and you do not have any authority to bind QuantumYou Sia in any way. The section headings in this Agreement are included for convenience only and do not impact or alter the interpretation or construction of any provision in this Agreement.

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