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What people saying about License Gentelmen

We needed a bank account for our business, and we got it exactly on time. I knew that out of 100 banks, only two work with high-risk businesses, so I decided to let Max and his team solve this problem. Even though it wasn't a complex process, the simple steps Max and his team described saved us a lot of time. Max held our hands so we could get everything done as efficiently as possible. His team helped us open a bank account for our casino business so we could receive money and make payments to our customers without delay.

Davit, MOA Gaming

We met this team at the International Gaming Conference. Some time later, we had a client looking for a gaming license for his startup, so all we had to do was pick up the phone and discuss the deal. High Net Worth clients want to know the situation on the spot, and sometimes they want to be constantly updated. Maxim did a great job of reaching out to everyone involved in the licensing process and keeping us informed at all stages. We built a group of people engaged in conversation, and Maxim was in contact with everyone 24/7 from Monday to Sunday, and I never once heard him complain. I can't overestimate his honesty, as he conveyed truthful information without trying to shift responsibility or hide facts. I believe this approach was critical to building trust and long-term relationships.

Micha R., Mellius Israel

We needed a license for our startup and Maxim and his team did a great job getting us one. However, getting a license after pandemics was no walk in the park. We contacted Maxim two months before our platform was to go online. My goal was to get the license and have partners willing to solve problems without wasting time. I knew there was too much at stake because we needed to launch as soon as possible. Launching without a license would limit our operations and credibility. The risk of outsourcing this process to no-namers could lead to complications in the future. I had to be sure the guys could deliver despite any challenges that might come their way. I couldn't let myself get into trouble over something as important as a license. Maxim was very supportive at all stages, including pre-licensing, incorporation and continued support. I was able to get updates directly from the team every day via Messenger. I was also able to talk to Maxim on the phone anytime I needed to. This man is a true professional and takes his job very seriously.

Maksim, BetUnlim.com

A real reason why you need an online gambling license

You’re about to open an online gambling business? Then you should follow these basic rules right from the start:

  • Offer an exceptional product to your clients – Without a license you won’t be able to match up against online casinos armed with the best software, such as Evolution Gaming, PragmaticPlay, NetEnt, Hacksaw Gaming and others.
  • Provide the best experience – If you offer top-notch payment methods, you can make sure that your players can deposit and withdraw money quickly and easily. This way, you can make sure that they come back to play again and increase the revenue of your online gambling company.
  • Make sure your clients can trust you – Before risking their money, most players check if a casino has a license. This is the only way you can increase revenue and attract whales – players who wager large sums of money.

online gambling license

Four Steps to Acquiring a Gaming License

For entrepreneurs seeking an igaming license, the path to obtaining one involves a number of different stages. The complexity varies depending on the type of license being sought. However, the overarching process includes the following crucial stages:

Initial assessment: Exploring the feasibility

The journey begins with an assessment of the feasibility of a gaming license. This is like looking into the future to find out if you’ll get the green light for your online gambling ambitions. This preliminary investigation provides you with an informed perspective on your venture.

Document Compilation: Gathering Essentials

Matched to the license category you’re looking for, the essential documents are carefully compiled. These documents are like precisely arranged puzzle pieces that form a comprehensive compliance mosaic. This compilation demonstrates compliance with regulatory guidelines and lays the foundation for your eligibility.

Establishing the Foundation: Setting the Course

Before we apply for a license, it’s imperative that we establish a solid operational framework in the right jurisdiction. This prudent action aligns regulations and opens opportunities to optimize financial results.

Submitting the Application: The Formal Application

After careful preparation, the moment comes when we can officially submit your license application. Collaboration with regulatory agencies simplifies this process. This synergy allows for swift progress, culminating in a quick and positive decision on the license.

This report summarizes the path to a gaming license. Each stage is a methodical and coordinated endeavor that is essential to your presence in the dynamic world of online gambling.

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Most popular online gambling licenses

All over the world, there are regions that are considered beacons of gambling regulation and offer different licenses for different needs. Some of the well-known licenses include:

Curacao Gambling License

Once a popular choice for startups, regulations in Curacao have changed. All active operators, software providers, and platform providers must either accept the new rules developed by the Curacao Ministry of Finance or switch to readily available alternatives.

Anjouan Gambling License

Recent regulatory changes in Curacao helped the Anjouan license to rise from the ashes. The license has existed for several years but couldn’t receive recognition from the iGaming community. Today the Anjouan license is one of the most sought-after licenses for startups.

Tobique Gambling License

A true alternative to Curacao and is administered by the same people who have administered the license in Curacao for the past 25 years. It offers the same advantages as the once-popular Curacao and is ideal for startups that need a license quickly.

Maltese Gambling License (MGA)

The Maltese MGA license is often referred to as the “Bentley” of licenses, representing high standards of compliance. The good reputation, gateway to European countries and tax benefits have made the MGA one of the most popular licenses. It is probably not the best choice for startups, but many growing companies consider MGA at certain stages.

Isle of Man Gambling License

Ideal for those who venture beyond the borders of Europe into unregulated areas. Great reputation of the license can open up more opportunities in certain jurisdictions. 0% corporate and income tax give this license an advantage over the MGA license for some businesses.

Kahnawake Gambling License

The Kahnawake license offers similar benefits to the Anjouan, Tobique, or Curacao licenses. It is a strategic choice for some casinos that want to tap into more jurisdictions and operate in countries that are restricted by other licenses.

Here is what you will receive from us

LicenseGentlemen team will help you get a gambling license in the shortest time possible. We work with leading gambling operators, gambling platforms, and software providers seeking both B2C and B2B licenses.

  • You’ll get the license as fast as humanly possible. We work directly with regulators and the application process is fast and painless.
  • We work with you on all the documents so you don’t spend months filling out application forms.
  • You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on consultants. You can always reach out to us if you get stuck. We’ve helped more than three hundred entrepreneurs start their businesses, and we’ve seen it all – platform providers who can’t deliver a quality product, payment system providers who don’t do what they promise, and commissions that businesses should never pay. You’ll get help at every stage of your project.
  • It’s not enough to open a business and get a license. You also have to maintain the entire structure to make sure you don’t get your license revoked. We’ve done a good job of communicating with our clients so they can focus on their business and not have to deal with the bureaucracy of maintaining their licenses.


Before we even begin the licensing process, it’s important to understand your business model. Many gambling websites develop their own games and require gaming industry certifications before they can apply for the gambling license.

In this case, we will conduct a thorough analysis and show you the quickest (and most cost-effective) way to get the job done.

B2B software providers also need gambling certification, as every game must be tested for fairness before it is launched.

Whatever your case, you can apply for a gaming certificate online without having to travel, and it takes an average of two to four weeks.

gaming industry certifications


  • iTechLabs – leading gaming certification and testing laboratory. With a strong focus on ensuring the fairness and integrity of gaming products, iTechLabs provides comprehensive testing services for online casinos and gaming platforms. Their certifications are widely recognized in the industry, making them a trusted choice for businesses seeking compliance with gaming standards.
  • GLI (Gaming Laboratories International) is a global company specializing in testing and certification services for the gaming industry. GLI ensures that gaming products meet regulatory standards and provides independent verification of the fairness and security of games. Their extensive experience and international presence make them a go-to choice for businesses aiming for regulatory compliance.
  • eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) is an internationally accredited testing agency and player protection and standards organization. Specializing in the online gaming industry, eCOGRA certifies online casinos and software providers, ensuring that their operations are transparent, fair, and secure. Obtaining eCOGRA certification adds credibility to gaming platforms, assuring players and regulators alike.
  • TST (Technical Systems Testing) – now part of GLI, has a history of providing quality assurance services to the gaming industry. TST focuses on testing the randomness and fairness of gaming systems, software, and algorithms. Their certification is recognized globally, making them a trusted partner for businesses aiming to demonstrate the integrity of their online gambling offerings.
  • BMM TestLabs is a global testing laboratory and technical consultancy specializing in gaming and gambling industries. They offer a range of services, including testing, certification, and compliance consultancy. BMM TestLabs’ expertise spans various gaming platforms and technologies, providing a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking regulatory approval.
  • TRISIGMA is a reputable testing and certification company in the gaming industry. They focus on ensuring the fairness and reliability of gaming systems and software. With a commitment to quality and innovation, TRISIGMA offers certification services that cater to the evolving needs of online casinos and gaming software providers.
  • QUINEL is an established gaming certification and testing company with a global presence. They specialize in evaluating the compliance of gaming systems, software, and platforms with industry standards and regulatory requirements. QUINEL’s certifications provide a mark of trust and integrity, making them a preferred choice for businesses entering the online gambling market.

Each of these companies plays a crucial role in the certification process, offering services that are vital for businesses seeking to establish a reputable and compliant online casino.

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What is a gambling license, and why is it essential for online gambling operators?
A gambling license is a legal authorization granted by regulatory authorities that allows operators to offer gambling services. It is crucial for online gambling operators as it ensures compliance with regulations, establishes credibility, and provides a secure and fair gaming environment for players.
How does obtaining a gambling license contribute to the legitimacy and trustworthiness of an online gambling platform?
Obtaining a gambling license demonstrates that an online gambling platform operates within a regulated framework, adhering to strict standards of fairness, security, and responsible gaming. This, in turn, enhances the platform's legitimacy and builds trust among players, partners, and regulatory bodies.
What are the common types of gambling licenses, and how do they differ?
Common types of gambling licenses include jurisdiction-specific licenses, international gambling licenses, B2C and B2B licenses. They differ based on the type of gambling services offered and the regulatory requirements of the jurisdiction where the license is issued.
How can the process of obtaining a gambling license be navigated, and what are the key steps involved?
Navigating the process of obtaining a gambling license involves thorough research, choosing a suitable jurisdiction, preparing a comprehensive application, and engaging with the regulatory authority. Key steps include due diligence, financial checks, ensuring technical compliance, and demonstrating a commitment to responsible gaming.
What are the consequences of operating without a valid gambling license, and how does it impact the reputation and sustainability of an online gambling business?
Operating without a valid gambling license can lead to severe consequences, including legal actions, fines, and the shutdown of the gambling platform. Beyond legal implications, it damages the reputation of the business, erodes player trust, and hinders long-term sustainability in a highly regulated industry.


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