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Gambling License Renewal Process

Last updated Jan 11, 2024
Jan 11, 2024 gambling business

In the ever-evolving landscape of the gambling industry, obtaining and maintaining a gambling license is critical.

It is not a “set it and forget it” process. Your license must be renewed regularly. There is a cost involved and every licensee has to go through this process.

The main reason for this process is to verify the integrity of your business – both the license holder and the business in general. If the licensee discriminates against themselves as an honest person (e.g. if there is a criminal record) or if the company violates the license conditions, the license can be revoked.

Consider the renewal process as a mechanism to keep the niche clean.

This article delves into the intricacies of the gambling certification renewal process, exploring the nuances of gambling license extension, and the overall methodology involved in ensuring the continued legality and compliance of a gambling operation.

Understanding Gambling License Renewal

Gambling license renewal is the systematic process through which a gambling establishment ensures the continuous validity of its license. This crucial step involves adhering to the stipulated regulations set forth by regulatory bodies.

Different licenses also come with different renewal rules.

The gambling license renewal process holds immense importance in maintaining the integrity and legality of a gambling operation. It serves as a testament to the commitment of operators in upholding industry standards, protecting consumers, and preventing illicit activities.

The Gambling License Renewal Procedure

Documentation and Compliance

One of the foundational aspects of gambling license renewal is meticulous documentation. Regulatory bodies typically mandate operators to submit a comprehensive set of documents, including financial records, security protocols, and proof of responsible gambling measures.

Financial Stability Assessment

Some regulators conduct a thorough examination of an operator’s financial stability during the gambling license renewal process. This scrutiny ensures that the operator possesses the financial capacity to fulfill obligations and payouts to players.

Operational Integrity Evaluation

The evaluation of operational integrity is a key component of the renewal process. Regulatory bodies assess whether the gambling establishment has adhered to fair play practices, demonstrated responsible gambling initiatives, and maintained transparency in its operations.

What does that mean? Imagine you had a certain safety protocol that was approved by the regulator before the license was issued. After a year, you deviated from it and now it no longer meets the standards. In this case, you may have broken some important rules.

Gambling License Extension and Prolongation

Operators seeking a gambling license extension must initiate the process well in advance of the license expiration date. This involves submitting a formal request to the relevant regulatory authority, accompanied by justifications for the extension.

At LicenseGentlemen, we take this part of the process very seriously and notify each client well in advance that we need to begin the renewal process. This allows companies to continue their operations seamlessly and without operational risk.

In other words, your business will do well, which will allow you to offer your client the best games, odds and accept payments.

Prolongation Criteria

Gambling license prolongation involves meeting specific criteria set by regulatory bodies. This may include a clean track record, adherence to regulations, and the absence of legal issues during the existing license period.

Global Perspectives on Gambling License Renewal

Different regulators have distinct approaches to gambling license renewal. While some jurisdictions may require a rigorous renewal process with extensive documentation, others may have more streamlined procedures. Navigating the renewal processes for Curacao, Anjouan, MGA, and the Isle of Man gaming licenses requires a nuanced understanding of each jurisdiction’s unique requirements. Operators must adapt their strategies to meet the specific demands of these regulatory environments, ensuring a seamless and successful renewal process.

Curacao Gaming License Renewal Process

Streamlined Renewal

Over the past three years, the requirements for renewal have changed constantly. In the past, all sub licensees just had to do was fill out a renewal application before their license expired and they were good to go.

During Covid-19 and since the Ministry of Finance of Curacao decided to revise the entire regulatory framework, all master licensors had to tighten their renewal requirements. Even though the process was still quite simple, the number of documents and the complexity of the process varied from master to master.

Documentation Requirements

The Curacao gaming license renewal process is known for its comprehensive documentation requirements. Operators must submit a renewal application, financial records, a statement of non-criminal record, and a valid passport.

In some cases, additional documents can be required. For example, a software agreement to prove that all games you provide have a proper certification.

Overall, the license renewal process is well streamlined and we begin the process one month before the expiration date. It requires documents to be submitted to the authorities to ensure that the company has no debts and then to renew the license itself.


This license renewal process refers to the old Curacao license. There will be a new licensing regime fairly soon. The new license has never been renewed, so the actual process is not yet known.

Anjouan Gaming License Renewal Process

Streamlined Renewal

Anjouan, part of the Comoros archipelago, offers a more streamlined Anjouan gaming license renewal process compared to some other jurisdictions. However, operators must still demonstrate compliance with the jurisdiction’s regulations.

Due Diligence Checks

Renewal in Anjouan involves due diligence checks to ensure operators have maintained a clean record and adhered to ethical practices.

Every Ultimate Beneficial Owner, Beneficial Owner, Shareholder, and Director of a company must provide a police clearance certificate and other documents proving that all persons have demonstrable income.

Just like the Curacao license, the Anjouan gambling license has to be prolonged every year and fees must be paid to get the prolongation.

Getting a gaming license is a long and tedious process. At License Gentlemen, we specialize in creating solid structures and securing licenses with a 100% success rate.

Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) License Renewal Process

The Malta Gaming Authority’s gambling license must be renewed every ten years. If you don’t want to stay in business for more than a decade, you will most likely never have to renew your license.

Of course, many things can change during this time. Regulations change, taxes change and force companies to change their preferred licensing jurisdictions.

The MGA conducts a thorough review of a company’s operations when renewing a license. But only to a certain extent. This is because they already know everything about an operator and have been keeping an eye on the business since the license was issued.

Every two years, licensees must pass a compliance audit. The MGA checks whether all taxes have been paid and how many complaints have not yet been dealt with. And also the reasons for these complaints.

Any change in the ownership of a company must be reported to the MGA immediately, as must any criminal proceedings against any individual key person.

Needless to say, the MGA’s big brother is watching you all the time and the licensing process is just a formality that shouldn’t take much time and is usually completed within a month.

Isle of Man Gaming License Renewal Process

The Isle of Man is synonymous with a commitment to integrity in the gambling industry. The Isle of Man gaming license renewal process emphasizes the importance of maintaining a secure and fair gambling environment for players.

The license is issued for five years, which differs from the Curacao and the Anjouan licenses.

It’s a long and expensive process to get the license. It’s just too much to go through every year!

Don’t get too excited. The GSC audits license holders annually. This process is separate from license renewal.

In general, it’s a formality and the whole procedure doesn’t take more than a month. A general set of documents is required. However, if the ownership changes or there are other important changes (e.g. the business model), this procedure can take quite some time.

Comparative Analysis

As jurisdictions strive to maintain the integrity of their gambling industries, each regulator has created its own framework for the renewal process.

From the streamlined requirements in Curacao or Anjouan to the strict standards of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), to the Isle of Man’s unwavering commitment to integrity, the nuances of each renewal process shape the regulatory landscape for online gambling.

Intensity of documentation

While Curacao currently requires extensive documentation, Anjouan opts for a more streamlined approach. License renewal is annual and is suitable for any startup.

The MGA and the Isle of Man, on the other hand, don’t require the license to be renewed every twelve months. However, they have a completely different level of control on a day-to-day basis. The Isle of Man Gamming Commission audits operators annually, while the MGA conducts a compliance audit every two years.

For all four licenses, renewal is only a formality, but each regulator has the right to request additional documentation at any time and without any prior notice.

Focus on financial stability

Malta and the Isle of Man place great importance on the financial stability of operators when renewing their licenses. Anjouan and Curacao do take financial health into account, but may not be as concerned with this aspect.

Strict regulation

The MGA and the Isle of Man are characterized by strict regulatory standards that provide for a comprehensive review of an operator’s business activities. Curaçao and Anjouan also place great emphasis on compliance, but may have a slightly different focus.


  • Importance of Renewal: Getting and maintaining a gambling license is no “set it and forget it” deal. Renewal is crucial to verify the integrity of your business and keep the industry clean.
  • Renewal Process Overview: The renewal process involves meticulous documentation, financial stability checks, and evaluating operational integrity. It’s about showing your commitment to industry standards and ensuring a fair, safe, and transparent gambling environment.
  • Different Rules for Different Licenses: Every license comes with its own set of renewal rules. Understanding these nuances is vital for a smooth renewal process.
  • Initiating Renewal: Initiating renewal well before the expiration date is key. Submit a formal request with justifications for an extension if needed. It’s about keeping your business operations seamless.
  • Global Perspectives: Renewal processes vary globally. From streamlined processes in Curacao and Anjouan to the comprehensive and controlled approaches in Malta and the Isle of Man, understanding the jurisdiction’s unique requirements is crucial.
  • Jurisdiction-Specific Insights:
    • Curacao: Documentation-heavy renewal process. Because of the regulatory changes rules change consistently.
    • Anjouan: Streamlined renewal, emphasizing due diligence checks.
    • Malta: A ten-year renewal cycle with thorough reviews, and compliance audits every two years.
    • Isle of Man: Five-year license, emphasizes integrity, and conducts annual audits.
  • Comparative Analysis: Differences exist in documentation intensity, focus on financial stability, and regulatory strictness among jurisdictions. While all renewals are formalities, regulators can request additional documentation at any time.
  • Focus on Financial Stability: Malta and the Isle of Man stress financial stability during renewal. Anjouan and Curacao also consider financial health but might prioritize differently.
  • Strict Regulatory Standards: Malta and the Isle of Man are known for strict regulations, conducting comprehensive reviews regularly. Curacao and Anjouan also emphasize compliance but with potentially different focuses.

In a nutshell, renewing your gambling license isn’t just paperwork; it’s about proving your commitment to fair play, financial stability, and industry standards.

At LicenseGentlemen, we understand the specific requirements of each jurisdiction and ensure a smooth renewal process.

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