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If you want to start your business quickly and with minimal investment, Curacao gambling license is the perfect choice.
The license gives you a wide range of jurisdictions to work in, with only a few banned countries (like the US, UK, and some others) to stay away from.

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Important Information

Curacao's gambling license is currently undergoing some important regulatory changes. This affects all active operators, software providers, and platform providers. We recommend you to talk to one of our experts before applying for a Curacao license. Beware of scammers who claim that it's easy to get the Curacao gambling license. You can lose your money.

Benefits of the Curacao License

Access to markets
A Curacao gambling license doesn't restrict you from doing business anywhere, except in countries like the USA, UK, Netherlands, and a few others. This license still allows you to enter many thriving markets.
Effective tax rate
The corporate tax rate for companies in Curacao ranges from 0 to 4%
Gaming License Tax
There is a 0% game tax for the Curacao license. This means you don't have to pay anything except the initial licensing fee and yearly prolongation costs. It makes this license super effective for every startup and allows to minimize expenses right from the beginning.
Cover all gaming verticals with one license
You can operate online casinos, sports betting, lotto, table games (such as poker, blackjack, baccarat, and others), and other games of chance with the license of Curacao.
Fast application procedure
You can get the license in just four weeks, but you'll need to have a proper business setup first. So, from the beginning of the licensing process to when your business is ready to go, it will take just two months.
Variety of games and payment options
Access to the leading software providers that allow you to offer the best games and take bets on all leagues in all markets. You'll also get access to a wide range of payment system providers.

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Procedure for obtaining the Curacao gambling license

Background check obtaining the necessary documentation
We work with you to put together a comprehensive package of documents, ensuring that each item is perfectly compliant with the strict requirements of the regulatory authority. We also conduct a thorough preliminary review to identify and address any potential errors or inconsistencies. This thorough process expedites the approval process and puts you on the fast track to regulatory success.
Incorporation of the company in Curacao
Your company must be incorporated in Curacao and have a proper structure. We help our clients to create a suitable ownership structure that meets their needs.
Filing of license documents
We work with the regulatory authority to ensure that your application does not sit on a dusty shelf for months. This is the final step before your license is approved.
Opening of an agent company
You may need a payment agent company that offers you a wide range of payment methods and the ability to open bank accounts. We will help you make the right decision depending on your business model and make it in the shortest possible time
Opening a bank account for your online gambling business
Bank accounts in the gambling industry are challenging. We will show you different options and choose the best place to open a bank account for your business. We will also open it for you so you don't make mistakes with this process.

Requirements for a Curacao gambling license

No criminal record for all beneficiaries and the director of the company. If you are the sole beneficial owner and also want to be the director, you must provide a Clearance Certificate in your name. We will take care of the process to make sure you do this the right way.
You'll need to provide proof of address. Usually, this is not a problem, as any utility bill will do the job. Please talk to us if you cannot provide utility bills or if you are an expat living in another country.
If you are a software vendor developing games for operators, you will need certification from major vendors like iTechLabs, GLI, and BMM Testlabs. We make sure that the process is smooth and simultaneous so you don't waste extra time acquiring the license.
The gambling company must be registered in Curacao. We establish a company that meets the regulatory requirements. You don't have to travel anywhere to ensure the successful incorporation of your business.
Functional website at the end of the licensing process. We work with all platforms to ensure all regulatory requirements are met and your website is operational at the end of the licensing process.
Proof of income and proof of wealth. Every startup is different, and we need to show the regulatory body where your business funds come from. This is about being clear and following the rules.

Importance of Curacao Gambling Licenses

Gaming curacao license has always been the gold standard for almost every startup. A license covers all verticals and gives you a global reach. The fast application process, relatively low price, and huge benefits have led many well-known operators like,, and many others to choose this license.

curacao gambling license

Benefits of the Curacao online gambling license

Acquiring a Curacao online gambling license offers a variety of benefits that can significantly boost your online betting business:

Tax advantages: Curacao offers favorable tax rates for online gambling operators, making it an attractive option for entrepreneurs looking to maximize their profits. Corporate income tax is only 2% and dividends are exempt from income tax.

Quick Licensing Process: Compared to some other jurisdictions, the application process for a Curacao Gambling License is relatively straightforward and quick, so you can get your business up and running faster. Excluding the time required to incorporate, most businesses can obtain their license in as little as four weeks. In comparison, the process for the Maltese MGA license takes several months.

Trust and credibility: a Curacao Gambling License instantly adds credibility to your online gambling business. It shows that your business complies with international standards and regulations and builds trust with your customers and potential business partners.

Access to payment providers: Most payment service providers and banks prefer to work with licensed gambling operators. With a Curacao License, you will have an easier time setting up payment gateways and ensuring smooth transactions for your players.

Access to software providers: This is the most important point because all major gaming providers only work with licensed casinos. Curacao license will give you access to 99% of the market, including monsters like Evolution, NetEnt, Play’n’Go, and others. So you can offer all the popular games in your online casino – games that people love to play.

Global reach: You can target most countries in the world under the Curacao license. You don’t have to focus on a single country and you can expand your reach and potential customer base exponentially. Restricted countries by the Curacao license: USA, UK, Netherlands, France, Spain, Austria, Germany, Australia and Dutch Antilles.

curacao online gambling license

Corporate income tax

Online gambling operators who secure a Curacao gambling license enjoy a unique tax advantage. They are exempt from paying any taxes on their revenue. In order to take advantage of this tax benefit, it is important that all revenues come from foreign sources, meaning that they must be generated outside Curacao’s borders. In addition, operators must ensure that they comply with all applicable regulations regarding the economic substance and/or permanent establishment.

In order to apply for tax exemption, companies should carefully document and keep records of their activities to demonstrate compliance with these rules.

Prerequisites for obtaining a Curacao eGaming license

Before you embark on the journey to obtain your Curacao eGaming license, there are a few requirements you should consider:

Business structure: you need to establish a legal entity in Curacao. This company will serve as the basis for your license application. However, this is not enough in most cases, because the right business structure must also solve cash flow issues. At LicenseGentlemen, we carefully plan the structure of your business so that you can benefit the most from working with the best payment providers and offer your players easy ways to deposit and withdraw money.

online casino license curacao

Documents you must provide to start the process

In order to meet the strict requirements for obtaining a Curacao Gaming License, any person acting as an ultimate beneficiary, shareholder, or Managing Director must meet a number of requirements and submit several important documents. These essential criteria will help ensure the integrity and legality of your online gambling operation:

Passport copy

It is mandatory to submit a valid passport copy. This document serves as proof of identity and citizenship and allows regulators to confirm the legitimacy of all key personnel involved in your gambling operation.

Proof of Address

In addition to identification, proof of address is also important. This can be in the form of utility bills, bank statements, or other official documents that confirm the applicant’s residential address. It helps to clearly establish the applicant’s residence.

Detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV)

A detailed resume is required to provide an overview of your professional background and qualifications. This document helps assess the expertise and suitability of individuals associated with the business.

Business Plan

Submitting a detailed business plan is an important step. It should outline goals, strategies, financial projections, marketing plans, and compliance measures. A well-structured business plan shows that you are committed to running a successful and compliant business.

Bank Reference

A bank reference is necessary to confirm your financial stability and reliability. It shows that you are financially capable of handling the operating costs and payouts associated with the online gambling business.

Certificate of Police Clearance

A certificate of police clearance is essential for all key players. This is a document issued by law enforcement agencies that confirms a person’s criminal record or lack thereof. This step ensures that the people involved in your business have no criminal record, promoting trust and transparency.

Source of funds

Providing a detailed and transparent source of funds is a basic requirement. You need to prove where the capital invested in gambling comes from and ensure it was acquired legally. This is an important measure to prevent money laundering and illegal financing.

curacao betting license

Application Process for a Curaçao Gambling License

The application process for a Curacao Gambling License is a structured, step-by-step procedure:

Preparation: gather all necessary documentation, including business plans, financial statements and personal background checks for all your UBOs, beneficial owners and Managing Directors.

Submission: Submit your application along with the required fees to the Curacao eGaming Authority.

Review: The Authority will review your application and perform due diligence checks. This process can take anywhere from four weeks to twelve months. Depending on your business model, we will explain exactly how long it will take to get your license so you don’t have to wait longer than necessary.

Approval: After a successful inspection, you will receive your Curacao gambling license, which will allow you to legally operate your online casino or sports betting website.

Types of Curacao Gambling Licenses

The Curacao license is technically the sublicense. All licensed casinos, betting websites, lotteries, etc. operating under the Curacao license have acquired the sublicense from one of the four regulatory authorities (master licensors).

Curacao regulators – Master licensors

There are four regulators on the island. All four have the right to grant sublicenses and to maintain the licenses of all active operators.

Practically, your company can get a license from any regulator. From a business point of view, there is no difference.

The difference is in the cost of the license, the time it takes to obtain the license, the compliance process, and the bureaucracy involved in maintaining the license. Most entrepreneurs want the license as quickly and as cheaply as possible. The trick is to find the best approach for your business or the license may be denied.

We receive several calls every week from business owners who have been unsuccessful in getting their license. In most cases, we know exactly what happened. “You can’t fit a round peg in a square hole,” just like you can’t get a license for your business model from a regulator that doesn’t support it. Every situation is different and regulators have their own rules and procedures.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know this and fall into the trap of rogue providers who don’t have the experience to get the job done.

Before we start the onboarding process, we create a plan and select a regulator suitable for the task. This allows us to optimize the time and cost of licensing.

Regulators – Master Licensors certified to issue sub-licenses on Curacao:

  • Antillephone N.V. #8048/JAZ
  • Cyberluck Curacao N.V. (Curacao-eGaming) #1668/JAZ
  • Gaming Curacao #365/JAZ
  • Curacao Interactive Licensing N.V. (CIL) #5536/JAZ

Renewal of Betting License in Curacao

To keep your Curacao Gambling License, you need to renew it annually. When renewing, you must ensure that your operation continues to meet all necessary regulatory requirements, demonstrates your commitment to responsible gambling, and remains financially stable. You must pay an annual renewal fee and provide the required compliance documentation.

The process can be time-consuming. At LicenseGentlemen we take care of it so you can focus on your business instead of bureaucratic hassles.

Curacao Gaming License Cost and Fees

The costs associated with obtaining and maintaining a Curacao Gambling License can vary depending on factors such as the number of beneficial owners and your business model. It’s important that you budget for initial application fees, annual renewal fees, and other associated costs.

Two different licensing and service structures can make a significant difference in the cost and time that is necessary to finish the setup.

However, it’s worth noting that Curacao’s favorable tax rates usually offset these costs, which ultimately has a positive impact on your bottom line.

In conclusion, a Curacao Gambling License is not just a piece of paper, but also your access to the best software and payment providers necessary for a perfect product for your players. It offers credibility, access to global markets, and tax benefits that will allow you to compete with other successful businesses.


What will you get working with

Quick turnaround.
We focus only on licensing and structuring to guarantee you get your license as soon as possible. Without any delays. We achieve this by maintaining our relationships with all key regulators which is important during the application process because it allows us to resolve issues quickly without wasting time.
Your business needs to make money
In addition to licensing, you also need to make sure that the entire setup is done properly - you need to be able to connect payment system providers and generate cash flow. You stand to gain a lot more if your companies are located in the right jurisdictions that allow you to optimize taxes. Instead of opening just any business, we'll carefully review your business and show you options that can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Ongoing Support
We understand you want immediate answers. You'll have a dedicated channel where you can ask any question and get an answer immediately, saving you days and allowing you to get licensed quickly.
Free Consultation
With over 300 successful projects, we have worked with more than 300 companies and not just delivered the license. We'll show you the best platforms you need for your needs. You'll also learn which payment solutions are right for your market and work like clockwork on your website.

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a Curacao Gambling License, and why is it a popular choice for online gambling operators?
A Curacao Gambling License is a legal authorization granted by the Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority. It is a popular choice for online gambling operators due to its relatively straightforward application process, cost-effectiveness, and the flexibility it provides in terms of the types of games permitted.
How does the Curacao Gambling License contribute to the credibility and trustworthiness of an online gambling platform?
While the Curacao license is known for being more accessible, it still requires operators to adhere to certain standards of fairness, security, and player protection. By obtaining this license, online gambling platforms demonstrate a commitment to meeting these standards, enhancing their credibility and trustworthiness.
What are the key features and requirements of the Curacao Gambling License that operators should be aware of?
The Curacao license requires operators to implement secure and fair gaming practices, conduct regular audits, and provide a responsible gambling environment. It is essential for operators to understand and comply with these requirements to maintain the validity of their license.
How does the process of obtaining a Curacao Gambling License work, and what are the steps involved?
The process involves submitting an application to the Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority, undergoing due diligence checks, and meeting the specified requirements. It's crucial for operators to prepare a comprehensive application, including details about the gaming platform, security measures, and financial stability.
What are the advantages and considerations for online gambling operators with a Curacao Gambling License?
Advantages include a faster licensing process, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to offer a variety of online gambling services. However, operators should be aware of potential challenges such as lower regulatory stringency compared to some other jurisdictions and the need for ongoing compliance to maintain the license's validity.


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