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We help businesses to get a license fast. So they don’t wait for months but can launch in a matter of weeks.

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    We needed a bank account for our business, and we got it exactly on time. I knew that out of 100 banks, only two work with high-risk businesses, so I decided to let Max and his team solve this problem. Even though it wasn't a complex process, the simple steps Max and his team described saved us a lot of time. Max held our hands so we could get everything done as efficiently as possible. His team helped us open a bank account for our casino business so we could receive money and make payments to our customers without delay.

    Davit, MOA Gaming

    We met this team at the International Gaming Conference. Some time later, we had a client looking for a gaming license for his startup, so all we had to do was pick up the phone and discuss the deal. High Net Worth clients want to know the situation on the spot, and sometimes they want to be constantly updated. Maxim did a great job of reaching out to everyone involved in the licensing process and keeping us informed at all stages. We built a group of people engaged in conversation, and Maxim was in contact with everyone 24/7 from Monday to Sunday, and I never once heard him complain. I can't overestimate his honesty, as he conveyed truthful information without trying to shift responsibility or hide facts. I believe this approach was critical to building trust and long-term relationships.

    Micha R., Mellius Israel

    We needed a license for our startup and Maxim and his team did a great job getting us one. However, getting a license after pandemics was no walk in the park. We contacted Maxim two months before our platform was to go online. My goal was to get the license and have partners willing to solve problems without wasting time. I knew there was too much at stake because we needed to launch as soon as possible. Launching without a license would limit our operations and credibility. The risk of outsourcing this process to no-namers could lead to complications in the future. I had to be sure the guys could deliver despite any challenges that might come their way. I couldn't let myself get into trouble over something as important as a license. Maxim was very supportive at all stages, including pre-licensing, incorporation and continued support. I was able to get updates directly from the team every day via Messenger. I was also able to talk to Maxim on the phone anytime I needed to. This man is a true professional and takes his job very seriously.


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      We help businesses to get a license fast. So they don’t wait for months but can launch in a matter of weeks.