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Usually Malta Online Gambling License is a good choice for growing businesses. Early startups rarely choose this license due to higher costs and longer application times. This license is usually referred to as the Bentley of all licenses and stands for a good reputation, high standards, and player trust. If you are a growing company and planning your expansion to Europe, the Malta online gambling license is the perfect choice!

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Curacao's gambling license is currently undergoing some important regulatory changes. This affects all active operators, software providers, and platform providers. We recommend you to talk to one of our experts before applying for a Curacao license. Beware of scammers who claim that it's easy to get the Curacao gambling license. You can lose your money.

Benefits of the
Malta Online Gaming License

Access to markets
This Malta Gambling License allows companies to operate in countries where there are no local prohibitions on gambling or where local licenses are available. Malta is also a member of the European Union, which gives license holders access to a huge market in EU countries.
The Maltese license is a symbol of excellence and ensures the confidence of players. The MGA takes its regulatory role seriously and aims to ensure a fair and safe gambling environment for players. This ensures that operators are consistently upholding the highest standards of fairness, security, and responsible gaming practices.
5% effective tax rate
Malta offers various tax benefits and incentives that can help companies optimize their tax payments. Maltese tax laws allow companies to reduce their effective corporate tax rate to 5% by distributing their profits to Maltese holding companies. This is useful for online gambling companies that focus on the European market, as it allows for drastic tax optimization through business entity structuring.
Cover all gaming verticals
The Malta Gaming Commission offers four different license types that cover all possible areas of the gambling industry.
  • License type 1 allows you to offer casino games, online lotteries and virtual sports betting.
  • License type 2 allows online casinos, poker rooms and other similar games.
  • License type 3 is for peer-to-peer games, betting exchanges and poker networks.
  • License type 4 is the B2B license.
Variety of games and payment options
You get access to 100% of the software providers and all the payment system providers you need for your target markets.

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Process of obtaining a Malta
online gambling

Pre-Approval Stage
In the pre-approval phase, we check if you are ready to apply for the Malta gambling license. We review the information you provide to understand if you are ready to apply for the license. We believe that this is a very important step, as it helps to avoid mistakes before you make the first payment.
The Application Process
This is where the work begins. We'll help you gather all the documents in one step so you don't have to go around in circles doing the same tedious work. This will ensure that you are ready for the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) suitability test. A well-prepared business plan explains your vision to the MGA - things like target audience and competitive positioning.
Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) Fit & Proper Test
During this test, the MGA will check your integrity, financial stability, and the professional qualifications required to operate an online gambling business. The background of your shareholders, UBOs, and directors will be checked by international regulators and law enforcement agencies. This is where the pre-approval phase really pays off, as we can avoid any unpleasant surprises.
Business Planning
The business plan is expected to provide a comprehensive overview of the planned venture and to include various aspects such as marketing strategy, human resource planning (HR), and growth targets. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in crafting a comprehensive and meticulously prepared business plan that will facilitate a smooth and successful progression through the application process.
Operational and Statutory Requirements
During the assessment process, the MGA carefully considers whether you're ready to run your gambling business. This includes reviewing important documents such as your founding documents, operating policies, gaming systems, technical equipment, and gaming rules. It's also important that you meet the minimum capital requirements, which depend on the type of license you're applying for. We will make sure that your application is complete and of high quality to avoid reapplication.
Final Systems Review before the license is granted by the MGA
You need to set up your technical environment to go live within a certain time frame. If you don't complete the setup within that timeframe, your application will be suspended and you'll need to reapply. Please note that minimal changes to your original application are expected at this stage. Significant changes to your gaming system will require a new application. Once the certification process is successfully completed, the MGA will issue you a license for five years.


How long does it take to get a Malta Gaming License?
Although the steps are fairly simple, the real goal is to determine if you need the license at this stage of your business, a framework that will benefit your business in many ways, including tax optimization. Below are some steps to follow when applying for a Malta Gambling license - choosing the type of license, preparing the required documents, setting up a business, application and due diligence process, compliance check, payment and ongoing compliance.
What are the steps to follow when applying for a Malta Gaming License?
Although the steps are fairly simple, the real goal is to determine if you need the license at this stage of your business, a framework that will benefit your business in many ways, including tax optimization. Below are some steps to follow when applying for a Malta Gambling license - choosing the type of license, preparing the required documents, setting up a business, application and due diligence process, compliance check, payment and ongoing compliance.

We Will Assist You in Obtaining Your Malta Gaming License

If you want to start a high-quality gambling business, a Maltese Gaming License is essential. At LicenseGentlemen we offer you more than just help. We provide comprehensive support to help you not only obtain your MGA license but also operate efficiently while optimizing tax structures and minimizing operational risks.

The MGA licensing process is one of the most complex in the world. This automatically filters out companies that don’t meet high standards and can put the player at risk of losing money.

Most companies that apply to the MGA have to turn back and choose one of the alternatives because they don’t understand the process or are simply afraid to get involved in a fight they may lose if they spend too much time on the application.

We’ll help minimize the risk and give you a straightforward playbook that will help you get your MGA license in no time.

What Are the Types of Malta Gaming Licenses?

Malta offers several types of gambling licenses, each covering different aspects of the industry. Understanding these categories is the first step to figuring out which license fits your business model.

Here are some of the main types of Malta Gaming Licenses:

  • For Online Gaming Operations: Ideal for operators who offer online casino and sports betting websites.
  • For Land-based Gambling: Designed for businesses with physical establishments, such as casinos or betting shops.
  • B2B business model: Suitable for software providers and other companies offering gaming solutions to operators. For example, online casino platforms, or software providers.
  • For Fantasy Sports: Tailored for operators offering fantasy sports betting platforms.
  • For Skill Games: Applicable for operators offering skill games such as Poker, BlackJack, Baccarat etc

Benefits of the Malta Gaming License

Obtaining a Malta Gaming License comes with several benefits that make it a preferred choice among entrepreneurs in the gambling industry. Some of the most important advantages are:

  • Reputation and credibility: The MGA license is recognized and respected worldwide and strengthens the reputation of your brand. Many high-rollers only choose casinos that have made an effort and passed the MGA compliance process. And why? Because it significantly reduces the risks and increases the chances that they will be paid out if they are lucky.
  • Access to the EU market: Malta is an EU member state which grants access to the European market. If you plan to target the European market then this is a must-have
  • Tax optimization: Our experts at LicenseGentlemen will help you optimize your business for tax purposes, so you can benefit from Malta’s favorable tax incentives.
  • Tax Reversal Opportunities: There is a corporate tax rate of 35% in Malta, but the tax system allows tax refunds of up to 6/7 for certain activities, giving you even more tax advantages. So, after the tax reversal, the effective corporate tax is just 5%
  • Risk Mitigation: We help you identify and mitigate operational risks to ensure smooth and safe gaming operations.
  • Speedy Application Processing: Thanks to our excellent relationships with the regulatory authorities, you can expect the fastest application processing in the industry.
  • Clear instructions: Our team will provide you with clear and concise instructions for any input required by a regulatory body, allowing for quick problem resolution without wasting time.

Malta Gaming License Requirements

The application process for a Malta Gaming License is a structured and thorough procedure. It involves several steps, including:

  • Fit and Proper Test: Ensuring that the individuals involved in the business are of good character and integrity.
  • Financial requirements: Demonstrate financial stability and sufficient funds for operations.
  • Technical Standards: Compliance with technical standards and requirements for gaming equipment and systems.
  • Player protection measures: Implementation of responsible gaming and player safety measures.

Malta Gaming License Application Process

The application process for a Malta Gaming License is a structured and thorough procedure. It involves several steps, including:

  • Preparation: compilation of all required documents, including a business plan, financial projections and regulatory compliance documents, with guidance from our experts.
  • Submission: We submit your application, along with the required fees, to the Malta Gaming Authority, ensuring that it is optimized for a quick review.
  • Due Diligence: The MGA conducts a thorough review of your business and key staff and, with our help, ensures that everything is in order.
  • Review and Approval: If your application meets all requirements, the MGA will review your license with the help of our experienced team and approve it if successful.
  • Ongoing Compliance: Obtaining your online gambling license in Malta is just the beginning. In order to maintain your favorable status with the MGA, it’s important that you continuously comply with the regulations and maintain them diligently. In addition, it’s important that you address your business and tax obligations, as well as general accounting and operational requirements. We’ll watch your back and make sure you can focus on the most important aspects of your business.

Malta Gaming License Cost

The cost of obtaining a Malta Gaming License varies depending on the type of license and the scope of your operation. It is important that you plan for the following costs:

  • Application fee: a non-refundable fee payable upon submission of your application.
  • Annual License Fee: This fee is recurring and varies depending on the type of license and the turnover of the business.
  • Compliance Costs: Costs associated with regulatory compliance, including audits and reporting, that we will help you manage efficiently.

At LicenseGentlemen, we support you throughout the application process, ensuring that you not only obtain your Maltese gambling license quickly, but also optimize tax structures and minimize operational risks. Our relationships with the regulatory authorities and our expertise in this field make us the ideal partner for your gambling project.

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Quick turnaround.
We focus only on licensing and structuring to guarantee you get your license as soon as possible. Without any delays. We achieve this by maintaining our relationships with all key regulators which is important during the application process because it allows us to resolve issues quickly without wasting time.
Your business needs to make money
In addition to licensing, you also need to make sure that the entire setup is done properly - you need to be able to connect payment system providers and generate cash flow. You stand to gain a lot more if your companies are located in the right jurisdictions that allow you to optimize taxes. Instead of opening just any business, we'll carefully review your business and show you options that can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Ongoing Support
We understand you want immediate answers. You'll have a dedicated channel where you can ask any question and get an answer immediately, saving you days and allowing you to get licensed quickly.
Free Consultation
With over 300 successful projects, we have worked with more than 300 companies and not just delivered the license. We'll show you the best platforms you need for your needs. You'll also learn which payment solutions are right for your market and work like clockwork on your website.


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