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The Kahnawake Gaming Commission (“Commission”) licenses and regulates online gaming from the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake, Quebec, Canada.
This is one of the oldest online gambling licenses on the market, introduced back in 1999. For over two decades, this license has proven to be one of the most stable on the market.
Many startups opt for the Kahnawake license to expand their jurisdiction behind the scope of other international licenses. Currently, there are over 250 gaming websites within the jurisdiction.

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Important Information

Curacao's gambling license is currently undergoing some important regulatory changes. This affects all active operators, software providers, and platform providers. We recommend you to talk to one of our experts before applying for a Curacao license. Beware of scammers who claim that it's easy to get the Curacao gambling license. You can lose your money.

Benefits of the Kahnawake Gaming License

Zero Corporate and Income Tax
Kahnawake gambling license provides the opportunity to establish a business in jurisdictions where corporate and income tax is set at 0%.
Your business can get going fairly quickly
The processing time is relatively short, averaging four to six months for licensing. This time frame is particularly well suited for companies that aren't under immediate time pressure.
Kahnawake Gaming License Tax
Compared to some other jurisdictions that impose a percentage tax on gross gaming revenue (GGR), Kahnawake's online gambling license features a 0% gambling license tax.
Add a variety of games and payment options
Most payment system providers and software providers recognize this license, allowing you to offer great games and easy payment options for your markets. But there are some exceptions to this rule. Contact us to explore the possibilities of the Kahnawake license and learn more.
Access to markets
The Kahnawake online gaming license provides comprehensive coverage, with the exception of the United States of America, which is not officially supported by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. It can be used by companies that already hold one or more other licenses to significantly expand their target markets.

Our clients

Application process

Incorporation of your holding company
We work closely with our clients to create a unique ownership structure that fits them. This helps make your business stronger and more competitive. We then take care of setting up your business and getting your license. This includes setting up a holding company, which is important for the license and cash flow.
Preparing an application
We work with the regulatory authority to expedite the processing of your application. We take care of all the necessary paperwork, including the client provider authorization application, business entity information form, personal information form, and key person license application form. We carefully ensure that all of these documents meet and satisfy the strict requirements of the regulatory commission.
Due-Diligence process
We know exactly what the regulator expects from your documents. Not only do we help you fill out the forms, but we also make sure that each document meets their strict requirements. This detailed process not only makes the licensing process faster but also avoids any issues that might cause delays in obtaining your Kahnawake license.
Control System Submission
We send all documents to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission office. The documents are then assigned to a KGC Compliance Officer for preliminary review. We work closely with the regulator to make sure your application doesn't sit in a drawer for months.
Payment Agent Company formation
The Payment Agent company can provide you access to various payment methods and simplify the process of opening bank accounts. During our initial conversation, we'll identify the most suitable option tailored to your specific requirements.
Opening a Bank Account
Choosing the right bank carefully is crucial. Different banks offer different features and fee structures, so it's important to make an informed decision. We'll guide you through the options and help you find the best bank for your business. We also take care of the account opening process to ensure a smooth and error-free process.

Requirements for a Kahnawake Gaming license

Proof of Address: This document serves as proof of where you live or operate your business. It's usually a utility bill issued in your name, such as an electric or water bill. If you cannot provide one of these bills or you live abroad, don't worry, we can work with you to find an alternative solution
Source of Funds: Verifying your sources of income and assets is a critical step in the approval process. Every startup has its own financial background, and it's important that you transparently demonstrate the source of your company's funds to the regulatory agency.
Business plan: This is the roadmap for your business. In your business plan, you describe the goals of your business, how it'll operate, what your marketing strategies will be, and what you expect to accomplish financially. It helps us understand your vision and how you plan to achieve it
Gaming certification: If you're a software provider that develops games for operators, it's essential to obtain certification from major institutions such as iTechLabs, GLI, and BMM Testlabs. This certification serves as proof of the fairness and integrity of your games. We control this process so that you can complete it efficiently and simultaneously with the licensing process.
Certificate of good conduct: This certificate proves that you don't have a criminal record. It's important for regulatory purposes because it shows that your business is run by someone with a clean record
Functional website: Your website should be fully functional during the licensing process. We will work with your platform provider to ensure that all legal requirements are met and that your website is ready for use at the right time.

Obtaining a Gambling License in Kahnawake

What license do I really need?

To start your online casino or sports betting business in Kahnawake, obtaining two necessary licenses is a crucial step.

  • Client Provider Authorization (CPA) – is the most important license for businesses offering online gambling services. The CPA is issued to approved businesses that are entitled to offer these services directly from a hosting facility in Kahnawake.

Yes, you heard that right! A licensed local data center – the “Mohawk Internet Technologies” – hosts and manages the Kahnawake licensed gambling websites. And only the CPA holder is allowed to do that!

This means that all gambling providers must host their website in a local data center. But to do so, they must first obtain the CPA license.

  • Key Person Permits (KPP) – specifically designed to regulate key persons in gaming operations. Normally companies only get one Key Person Permit, but in practice you can get as many KPPs as you want! This is a permit for any person who plays a key role in the company’s management and decision-making process.

To summarize, the application process involves obtaining a CPA for interactive gambling services. At the same time, acquiring KPPs ensures individual accountability within the company, contributing to regulatory compliance and overall trustworthiness in the online gambling industry in Kahnawake.

Application Process

  1. Applying for CPA: Let’s kick things off with applying for the Client Provider Authorization (CPA). Basically, you’re telling the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, “Hey, we want to run a gambling show.” But it’s not as simple as that. You need to fill out some paperwork and give them the lowdown on everyone who owns more than 10% of the business, and anyone gunning for a Key Person Permit.
  2. Incorporating a Company: Now, we’re talking about setting up your business. This is where you incorporate a company – making it official and legal. The catch? Your company structure needs to play nicely with Kahnawake’s rules. Not just that, it’s got to be transparent and compliant for your online gambling dreams to come true. Oh, and we’re big on finding ways to save you money on taxes. At LicenseGentlemen, we’re all about crafting the perfect structure for your needs.
  3. Ensuring Compliance Considerations: Playing by the rules is a big deal. Throughout this whole process, you’ve got to make sure you’re sticking to Kahnawake’s gaming guidelines. That means your business model needs to dance to the same tune as their regulations. Throw in some responsible gaming practices, show you’re serious about player protection, and fairness is your middle name. Plus, you’ve got to make sure the kiddos stay away – no gambling for the minors!
  4. Submitting to the Kahnawake Gambling Commission: Time to send in the big application package to the Kahnawake Gambling Commission. This is where things get real. Once they have your paperwork, they’ll take about 8 weeks to give it a good look. If all goes well, you’ll get your first license, but it’s a bit like a trial period – six months to be exact. They want to see if your business is up to snuff before committing for the long haul.
  5. Final Review of the License: The home stretch! The final review is like the commission’s way of saying, “Is this really the right fit?” They’ll check if you didn’t break the rules and decide if you are fit for the license. If they’re happy, congrats! Your license gets extended for a cool five years.

Remember, this whole process is a bit like getting your golden ticket to the gambling world, so buckle up and play by the rules!

Why Kahnawake Gaming License is Perfect for Startups

For startup entrepreneurs venturing into the online gambling industry, the Kahnawake Gaming License presents a compelling option.

One of its key advantages is its cost-effectiveness, providing a middle ground between more expensive alternatives like the Maltese MGA or the Isle of Man and budget-friendly options.

This balance ensures that startups can establish their operations with a reputable license without breaking the bank.

The stability of the Kahnawake jurisdiction is another attractive feature. With a gaming license established as far back as 1999, businesses operating under this license can benefit from the jurisdiction’s long-standing reputation for reliability and regulatory integrity.

While the licensing process may take around six months, the benefits of a stable and respected license make the wait worthwhile for startups aiming for long-term success.

Types of Kahnawake Licenses

CPA License (“Client Provider Authorization”)

What it’s for: This license is like the golden ticket for running online games. It’s given to businesses that want to offer interactive gaming services. If you have this license, you’re called an Authorized Client Provider (ACP).


  • Online casinos with various games.
  • Platforms for online poker.
  • Services for interactive sports betting.

IJA License (“Inter-Jurisdictional Authorizations”)

The Inter-Jurisdictional Authorizations (IJA) license is like a special permission slip. It lets operators who already have similar Interactive Gaming Licenses (IGL) from other places legally set up equipment and staff in Kahnawake.

IGL (“Interactive Gaming License”)

The Interactive Gaming License (IGL) is a special license issued to authorized hosting facilities in Kahnawake. Only one IGL is allowed at any given time, and currently, Mohawk Internet Technologies is the sole holder since 1999.

Even if you can apply for this license, the probability that you will be rejected is 100%.

LDSA License (“Live Dealer Studio Authorizations”)

This license is for businesses that offer live dealer games. It is for the cool, live-streamed casino games. You have to set up your studio in Kahnawake and stream all your games from there if you want to get this license.

CSPA License (“Casino Software Provider Authorizations”)

This license is intended for businesses that create gaming software for licensed operators. It ensures that the software meets all the rules. Essentially, all of your equipment and servers must be hosted by “Mohawk Internet Technologies”. This is a B2B license and you cannot offer your games directly to players.

KPP (“Key Person Permit”)

What it’s for: It’s not really a license, but a permit for key people in a gaming business. It ensures that important folks meet the tough rules, emphasizing personal responsibility. You can receive as many KPP’s as you want – for all Top-level executives like CEOs or CFOs, decision-makers influencing big operational and strategic choices.

Benefits of the Kahnawake Gaming License

Tax Advantages

Having a Kahnawake Gaming License means you get to enjoy a significant perk – a 0% gaming tax on all your gross gaming revenues. This becomes a powerful advantage for businesses aiming to keep their overhead costs minimal. It allows you to channel more revenue and profits back into your company, fueling growth and expansion.

Stability and Credibility

The longevity of the Kahnawake gambling license, which was introduced in 1999, contributes significantly to stability and credibility. This long track record builds trust in businesses operating under this license and promotes confidence among players and partners alike.

In the last year or two, the gambling industry has experienced shockwaves caused by many regulators. The Curacao Ministry of Finance decided to destroy the good old Curacao license and create a license three times as expensive instead. The Maltese MGA now requires a substantial security deposit from all operators and B2B service providers. The Romanian OJIN license has been made a hundred times more expensive.

It is clear that such political decisions do not support the gambling industry and are prompting operators to look for new licensing options.

The Kahnawake license is currently weathering all storms and proving it over time.


The cost-effectiveness of the Kahnawake license makes it an attractive option for entrepreneurs. With a balance between affordability and reputation, this license allows businesses to establish themselves in the online gambling industry without incurring exorbitant costs.

Global Recognition

The global recognition of the Kahnawake license is a valuable benefit. Companies that hold this license can operate with confidence on the international stage and take advantage of Kahnawake’s reputation as a reputable jurisdiction with a well-established regulatory framework.

Kahnawake Gambling License Cost

Determining the cost of a Kahnawake gambling license is a nuanced process. Several factors must be considered, such as the target markets in which the casino will operate, the number of beneficial owners involved and their citizenship. These variables contribute to a subjective cost calculation and highlight the importance of customized planning for any business applying for a Kahnawake license.

Entrepreneurs exploring the Kahnawake license can benefit from a strategic approach to tax optimization. This includes setting up appropriate business structures that not only minimize the tax burden, but also facilitate connections to the best payment providers and seamless bank account opening.

Do you need a gambling license for your gambling business?

At LicenseGentlemen, we go the extra mile by crafting company structures that not only secure your Kahnawake Gaming License but also drive corporate taxes down to 0%. Our expertise ensures you not only benefit from a prestigious license but also optimize your tax strategy for maximum advantage.


What will you get working with

Quick turnaround.
We focus only on licensing and structuring to guarantee you get your license as soon as possible. Without any delays. We achieve this by maintaining our relationships with all key regulators which is important during the application process because it allows us to resolve issues quickly without wasting time.
Your business needs to make money
In addition to licensing, you also need to make sure that the entire setup is done properly - you need to be able to connect payment system providers and generate cash flow. You stand to gain a lot more if your companies are located in the right jurisdictions that allow you to optimize taxes. Instead of opening just any business, we'll carefully review your business and show you options that can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Ongoing Support
We understand you want immediate answers. You'll have a dedicated channel where you can ask any question and get an answer immediately, saving you days and allowing you to get licensed quickly.
Free Consultation
With over 300 successful projects, we have worked with more than 300 companies and not just delivered the license. We'll show you the best platforms you need for your needs. You'll also learn which payment solutions are right for your market and work like clockwork on your website.


What is Authorized Client Provider (ACP)?
Entities holding a valid CPA are referred to as Authorized Client Providers (ACPs)
Why are CPA and KPP Important?
Following Rules: CPA makes sure that places offering online games follow the rules set by the Kahnawake Gaming
Commission. This is important to keep all Kahnawake online casinos a good place for players.
Getting to Choose: If you have a CPA, you get to pick from which vertical to operate – casino games, poker, sports betting and others. This is awesome for making sure everyone has a fun time playing.
Being Responsible: KPP is like making sure the big bosses in charge follow strict rules. It's all about making sure everyone is doing the right thing and being fair. This way, players, partners, and everyone else can trust that the games are being played in a good way.
Making Friends Trust You: When a business has both CPA and KPP, it shows they're serious about following rules and being responsible. This makes players, partners, and friends trust them more, creating a good environment for everyone involved.


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