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If you’re looking to kickstart your business swiftly and with minimal initial investment, the Anjouan gambling license is the ideal option.
This license opens up a diverse array of jurisdictions for your business, with only a handful of restricted countries. Outside this shortlist, you have the freedom to operate virtually anywhere across the globe.

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Important Information

Curacao's gambling license is currently undergoing some important regulatory changes. This affects all active operators, software providers, and platform providers. We recommend you to talk to one of our experts before applying for a Curacao license. Beware of scammers who claim that it's easy to get the Curacao gambling license. You can lose your money.

Benefits of the Anjouan gambling License

Cover all gaming verticals with one license
Anjouan gaming license allow you to run online casinos, sports betting sites, lotto games, and a range of popular table games like poker, blackjack, and baccarat.
Fast application procedure
The application process and compliance are remarkably swift. We can establish a new company within just ten business days, and the license itself can be issued in as little as four weeks. The licensing process in Anjouan is one of the fastest in the industry.
Variety of games and payment options
Obtaining this license will open the door to the best gaming providers, so you can offer great games and take bets on all kinds of sports and events. You'll also have many options for payment systems.
Zero Corporate and Income Tax
The Anjouan gambling license presents a unique advantage by enabling companies to establish themselves in jurisdictions where both corporate and income taxes stand at a reassuring zero percent.
Anjouan gaming tax
The Anjouan license doesn't require you to pay any gaming taxes, except for the initial licensing fee and yearly renewal costs. 
This makes it a great choice for startups as it helps keep expenses low right from the start.

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Procedure for obtaining the Anjouan gambling license

Background check obtaining the necessary documentation
We work with you to put together a comprehensive package of documents, ensuring that each item is perfectly compliant with the strict requirements of the regulatory authority. We also conduct a thorough preliminary review to identify and address any potential errors or inconsistencies. This thorough process expedites the approval process and puts you on the fast track to regulatory success.
Incorporation of the company
We assist our clients in crafting a customized ownership structure that meets their individual needs. This crucial step is important to give you a competitive edge, increase your profitability and strengthen your competitiveness in the market. We then take care of the incorporation and license application.
Filing of license documents
We collaborate closely with the regulatory authority to expedite the processing of your application and ensure that it does not remain on a bureaucratic shelf for an extended period of time. This step is the penultimate stage before your license is approved.
Payment Agent company formation
Depending on your business model, you may need a payment agent company. It can give you access to a variety of payment methods and make it easier for you to open bank accounts. We'll determine the most suitable choice for your needs on the very first call.
Opening a bank account for your online gambling business
Securing bank accounts in the gambling industry can be complex. We'll introduce you to several alternatives and help you choose the best location to set up a bank account for your business. Moreover, we will take the necessary steps to open the account and ensure a smooth and error-free process.

Requirements for the Anjouan gambling license

Clear Background: Every person involved in the company, including the director, should have a clean criminal record. If you're the sole owner and director, you need a Clearance Certificate in your name. We'll guide you through this process to ensure it's done correctly.
Multiple Jurisdiction Options: Your gambling company can be registered in various places. We'll set up a company that meets all the necessary regulations. You don't have to travel anywhere; we handle everything to get your business up and running.
Proof of Address:You'll also need to show where you live or operate your business. Usually, a utility bill works well for this. If you can't provide one or if you're living in another country, don't worry; we can help find an alternative solution.
Functional Website:Your website should meet regulatory requirements and be operational once the licensing process is complete. We collaborate with all platforms to make sure this happens seamlessly.
Certification for Game Developers: If you're a software developer creating games for gaming operators, you'll need certification from well-known vendors like iTechLabs, GLI, and BMM Testlabs. We'll make sure this process runs smoothly, saving you time while getting the license.

What will you get working with

Quick turnaround.
We focus only on licensing and structuring to guarantee you get your license as soon as possible. Without any delays. We achieve this by maintaining our relationships with all key regulators which is important during the application process because it allows us to resolve issues quickly without wasting time.
Your business needs to make money
In addition to licensing, you also need to make sure that the entire setup is done properly - you need to be able to connect payment system providers and generate cash flow. You stand to gain a lot more if your companies are located in the right jurisdictions that allow you to optimize taxes. Instead of opening just any business, we'll carefully review your business and show you options that can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Ongoing Support
We understand you want immediate answers. You'll have a dedicated channel where you can ask any question and get an answer immediately, saving you days and allowing you to get licensed quickly.
Free Consultation
With over 300 successful projects, we have worked with more than 300 companies and not just delivered the license. We'll show you the best platforms you need for your needs. You'll also learn which payment solutions are right for your market and work like clockwork on your website.


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