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How to promote online casino and increase revenue by 25% (for free).

Last updated Jul 19, 2023
Jul 19, 2023 gambling business

You can promote an online casino and make 25% more money, which ends up being millions of dollars.

This one move can make the difference between a struggling online casino that barely survives and a business that gains thousands of new clients every day.

If you apply this strategy to your online casino, you’ll have a good time being successful in the long run

  • We’ll show you how successful businesses can increase their online casino revenue by 15% to 25% and make more money. This will allow them to increase their marketing budgets and average online casino revenue, attract more customers and build successful online casinos.
  • We’ll also tell you how smart online casino owners put this into practice to make more money.
  • You’ll also see the difference it can make to your business.
online gambling promotion

Of course, for online gambling promotion, you need to use a combination of SEO, PPC, affiliates, influencers, and agents to attract new players.

But this isn’t enough to create a serious online casino business.

If you only focus on attracting new players, you won’t build a brand that players will return to for more experiences.

Making your paid ads work is the tip of the iceberg because you’ll lose big time if you don’t have a good customer retention system.

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The goal of your marketing efforts may be to make money upfront, but that’s not enough to ensure long-term success

What does it say about your business if you rely only on new clients?

  • You are not building a brand and trying to make a quick buck every time a new customer deposits money. That’s not sustainable.
  • You don’t care about your new clients, because your only goal is to get them to deposit as much as possible, as quickly as possible.
  • You are leaving money on the table because it’s hard to rely only on new clients.
  • It’s much easier and cheaper to build better relationships with your active customers and get them to make a second or third deposit.
  • Online casino promo cannot be aggressive enough because they do not bring additional profit.
free promotion slots

Let’s say the GGR of your online casino is ten million dollars ($10,000,000). The money you take in through affiliates, pay-per-click campaigns, etc.

You can increase your online casino revenue by fifteen to twenty-five percent by implementing a good CRM system. That will increase your gross gaming revenue by $1,500,000 to $2,500,000.

That’s two and a half million dollars.

Almost free!

You can only be super successful if you start building relationships with your current clients

Here’s an example

Let’s say your GGR is ten million dollars and you can use that capital to get as many customers as you can. That’s ten thousand new customers if you pay $100 per customer.

You are in the same boat as everybody else making money on the front end. And you’re going to be competing on Google and other platforms for the same customer.

Do you know who’s going to outspend you? Online casinos are willing to pay $110 for the same number of customers.

They will spend eleven million dollars ($11,000,000) and still be profitable.

You can’t compete with that if you don’t have CRM systems

It’s easy to explain.

Market leaders pay premiums to get as much traffic as they can. A consistent flow of clients means a consistent flow of income and continuous growth.

online gambling revenue by country

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CRM is a customer relationship management system and will make you a lot of money

All big spenders have it in place to make more money and aggressively grow their brands.

The reason?

It’s easier to sell to existing clients than to attract new ones

Smart online casino operators know this.

That’s one of the reasons why they are better than 98% of other online casinos.

On many Tier-1 markets, online casinos pay two hundred dollars and more to get a first-time depositor. They are good at making the same client deposit for the second time ten times cheaper.

Learn more about how to stand out with your online casino business and how to improve your retention rate in this video.

There are three ways to grow your online casino business:

  1. Attract new clients by advertising to your target audience. Most casinos do this.
  2. To increase the average transaction value. This is only possible if clients trust you.
  3. To increase the purchase frequency. This means that your active players will come back to your online casino. This is a key to making more money and this is exactly what CRM systems are good at.

The last point requires some extra work.

It is also the easiest to achieve because it’s cheap.

It doesn’t require a significant marketing budget and that’s exactly what many companies like, and other successful online casinos

This is how you’ll make the most money in your online casino:

Imagine you have one thousand customers actively playing at your casino.

increase online casino revenue

20% will never become profitable. You’ll pay more to attract these customers than they’ll bring to your business. They will bet five dollars here and there, but that won’t be enough to cover marketing costs.

Another 60% can put your business break even as they’ll spend enough to cover all your expenses.

The last 20% are sharks – they are your VIP clients. They can spend thousands of dollars and have the potential to make you super successful.


VIP customers wager large amounts of money, play frequently and stay loyal to the casino for a long period of time. These players are also known as high rollers or premium players. They get special perks and benefits, such as higher deposit and withdrawal limits, faster payouts, exclusive promotions and bonuses.

You can only be successful if you keep VIP customers engaged and happy

To achieve that, you need to run a customer loyalty campaign as part of your marketing efforts.

online casino promo

You can give your affiliates ten million dollars to bring you a lot of clients. In this case, you pay most of your money back to the affiliates, leaving yourself just enough to cover your expenses.

This is a suckers’ way to do business.

Because if you never engage 20% of your most profitable customers, they’ll just leave you.

They’ll choose another casino to play at.

But if you spend a small part of your budget on retaining your customers and keeping them loyal, they’ll increase your profits exponentially.

With CRM software, you can increase your revenue by fifteen to twenty-five percent

You should attract your customers and keep them for as long as possible to keep them active.

And when they stop showing up, you should try to reactivate them.

Only when you deposit a player two or three times, the chances increase that he’ll remain your customer for a very long time.

You do that with email, SMS, and push notifications.

Here’s what you can do to make your profitable and VIP players spend more time with you

Bonus offer

These are promotions offered to players to encourage them to open an account, make a deposit or play certain games.

They can be free promotion spins for slots, bonus money to play with or other perks and incentives.

Special offer

This promotion is offered to players for a limited time, often in celebration of a vacation or special event.

You can use it to promote new games, encourage players to try out certain features, or simply thank players for their loyalty.

You can offer special events on Christmas and Labor Day.

Or use the customer data to launch special promotions on birthdays and other important dates.


Use it to offer extra products or services to players who have already expressed interest in a particular game or type of gambling.

For example, if a player likes a slot game, the online casino may offer him the opportunity to try a similar game.

Or if a player uses a sports betting platform, the casino might offer them a special promotion for the online casino section of the site.

Event-triggered campaigns

Send targeted promotions to players based on specific events or actions they have taken at your online casino.

The goal of event-triggered campaigns is to drive player engagement and loyalty by offering personalized and timely incentives.

CRM tool will track players’ activity and offer a benefit when they make a deposit, log in to the site regularly, or reach a milestone in a game.

Like the Roowards promotions Roobet is using:

The bonus offer I received from five days after signing up

The key here is that it’s time sensitive. The CRM software that this online casino uses sends such offers to people who have registered but have not yet made a deposit.

This offer encourages players to act quickly and not postpone the decision.

In this case, my future behavior will play a crucial role in determining how you communicate with me in the future.

Currently, the only goal of the online casino is to send out offers that are supposed to persuade players to make an initial deposit. The players are to be transformed from passive to paying clients.


Many online casino managers don’t want to perform KYC for their users. This tactic can be wrong because they neglect important customer data. The data collected from players can be used to optimize the way they want to be reached. For example, “Generation Z” doesn’t typically use SMS. It’s smart not to send them short messages. All you have to do is check their ID’s to find this out.

online gambling revenue

Event-triggered campaigns can feel like valuable challenges to overcome

Do you feel good when you’ve accomplished something valuable?

That’s what makes a casino much more interesting than other competitors.

best online casino promos

Your CRM systems should get clients back to your casino with help of email, SMS and push messages in your browser.

The more they return, the more time they spend playing.

Let’s say some of your clients play long enough to unlock Daily Rakeback.

Do you think they will decide to go somewhere else if the loyalty bonus is fifty dollars away? Of course not.

This is exactly what the loyalty bonus is about.

You have to reward your clients for choosing your casino, or they can easily switch somewhere else.

The best casino CRM software for online casinos:

Choosing the right CRM platform is key.

Your competitors will most likely use one of the systems listed below.

There is no single casino CRM software that will solve all your problems.

“A jack of all trades is a master of none”. That’s true!

We’ve reviewed dozens of customer retention experts in the gaming industry and the software they use.

Here is a list of the top four CRM tools:

Optimove emphasizes predictive modeling to figure out which customers are most likely to respond to certain messages. That can lead to higher conversion rates and more money in your bank account.

This software uses machine learning algorithms to identify at-risk clients and target them with personalized retention campaigns. This can help businesses reduce customer churn and improve customer lifetime value.

Of course, you can segment your customer base and target specific groups with tailored messages and automate tasks. This means your clients get the message they like at the right time and through the right channel.

One Page CRM is more suited to companies that want to simplify sales pipeline management and lead generation (rather than improve customer retention using machine learning and advanced analytics, as Optimove does).

One Page CRM focuses on email tracking, a mobile app, integrations, and a simple user interface. It’s simple and easy to use, with a minimalist interface that allows businesses to focus on the most important information.

It has a simple and intuitive pipeline management system that allows companies to route leads through the sales process easily. It also provides sales forecasting tools and leads capture forms to help businesses predict future sales and generate new leads.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) supports a variety of marketing channels, including email, SMS, social media, and web push notifications, so companies can reach clients through their preferred channels.

If you’re a Salesforce fan, you’ll definitely like this. Like Optimove, it provides real-time data analytics that helps businesses quickly identify trends and make data-driven decisions.

It also integrates with other Salesforce products and third-party platforms, such as e-commerce platforms, web analytics, and email marketing.

Anyone who works with Salesforce products knows they offer advanced analytics and reporting tools.

SAP Emarsys is an omnichannel marketing automation platform that enables businesses to create and execute cross-channel marketing campaigns, including email, SMS, push notifications, and web personalization.

Emarsys also provides real-time analytics and predictive capabilities that help businesses understand customer behavior and create more effective marketing campaigns.

What is the difference between Optimove and SAP Emarsys?

Optimove CRM software focuses on customer engagement and uses machine learning algorithms to predict customer behavior, while SAP Emarsys is an omnichannel marketing automation platform that provides real-time analytics and predictive capabilities.

Both tools can help companies create effective marketing campaigns, but have different focuses.


CRM systems are great if you want to increase sales and profits. You are leaving free money on the table if you rely only on marketing campaigns to acquire customers.

Focus on building relationships and offer your customers bonuses that drive long-term success. Special offers and loyalty incentives will keep them coming back to your casino instead of going to the competition.

Remember! Twenty percent of your clients bring in eighty percent of your revenue. The recipe for success is to attract high-paying customers and keep them. This is exactly what customer relationship management is for!

We all want to be part of something big! Make sure you are using your data effectively and aligning your offerings to keep your clients happy.

You can replicate many of your competitors’ campaigns. But it’s probably smarter to hire professionals because they will add millions of dollars in extra profit to your casino.

There are many CRM tools on the market. Still, there are only four industry experts use the most – OptimoveOne Page CRMSalesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget)SAP Emarsys.

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How can I increase my casino revenue?

To increase casino revenue, you should focus on strategies such as enticing promotions, improved customer experiences, optimized marketing efforts, and diversification of your game offerings. The combination of these measures will bring the best results.

How can I boost my online casino?

Grow your online casino by improving the user experience, implementing effective marketing, offering attractive bonuses, and providing a wide selection of games. Think about customer retention and strategies to keep players in your casino longer. This is called customer retention and is crucial to the success of any gambling website.

How can I promote my casino business?

Promote your casino business through targeted marketing, online and offline advertising, loyalty programs, and partnerships with affiliates or influencers.

Where do online casinos generate the most revenue?

Online casinos usually generate most of their revenue in regions such as Europe, North America, South America and Southeast Asia. This is a very general question with no exact answer. The online gambling industry is growing all over the world and will continue to grow. That is why there are many successful companies in each region.

What is the best strategy for casinos?

The best strategy for a casino is to provide excellent customer service, offer fair games and create a pleasant atmosphere to attract and retain customers. At the same time, the online casino must treat its partners as it would any other valuable partner. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Consistency and your values will help you grow and attract new affiliates.

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