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How to successfully start online casino in Asia in 2024

Last updated Jul 20, 2023
Jul 20, 2023 iGaming

Do you want to start online casino in Asia?

If you want to start online casino in Asia then this post is for you. Running online casinos in Asia or Europe is like walking on the earth or the moon. It’s a completely different deal.

Everything is different – the regulators, the price you have to pay for each new customer, the budget you need. Even the culture is different and that needs to be reflected in the design and copy of your online casino.

The Asian region is huge in online gambling and handles a big chunk of online gambling revenue.

Approximate results of the online gaming market back in 2019:

asian online casino

What makes the Asian region more startup-friendly for online casino business?

One of the reasons is that you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just for licenses.

According to Bloomberg, the increasing number of internet users and the relaxation of online gambling regulations are creating a perfect storm for strong growth in Asia.

Asia is also considered the largest iGaming market in the world.

Those who work in Asia don’t often go elsewhere. They need to have a clear reason before scaling to Europe, for example.

That’s because of the completely different framework conditions.

Europe is highly regulated and each country has its own license.

You have to be willing to invest heavily and have highly competent team members to succeed in a regulated field.

For example, Romania, Germany, Belgium, Spain.

asia gaming online casino

This post is not about European markets. It’s about success in Asian markets with an International Curacao gaming license.

Find out all the countries you should avoid with Curacao gambling license.
Curacao gaming license restricted countries. List of all sixty-three countries and territories you should stay away from.
Download a List

Getting your offer right is critical for online casino success

Let’s start with the offer first. Generation Z (everyone born after 2000) prefers Slots over standard games like Baccarat or BlackJack.

Sahara Riches Cash Collect, Rich Wilde and the book of Dead, Eye of Horus, Shining Crown… are among Asia’s most popular casino games.

You can get dozens of software providers and thousands of different games. It’s also a form of iGaming with a pre-determined RTP (Return-to-Player).

The adoption of slots is high because of the engagement they deliver. There are hundreds of ways to win in slots and make neurons fire in new ways. It makes people spend more time playing which is a good thing for online casinos.

start casino in asia

To get rewards quickly, to vary the way they get rewards, and to keep exploring new games. That’s exactly what people are looking for.

If your entire bonus system works well, people will spend a disproportionate amount of time at your online casino.

One of the biggest challenges for companies today is to keep players engaged over a longer period of time. Compared to traditional card games, new-generation slots offer a completely new experience. That solves the problem.

For example, you can offer new games to your VIP customers as long as they play long enough. Bonuses are given immediately and only when they reach a certain goal.

This is what keeps people playing when they get bored and want to quit.

That doesn’t mean you have to give up Baccarat, Teen Patti, and other table games. They are highly popular in Asia. And you don’t have to.

You can have slots, live casinos, and table games all under one roof.

But you have to test what works better with your audience to offer things that resonate the best.

Acquire a gambling license for your online casino

You will need a gambling license to start an online casino. This is necessary to get a platform, the best software providers, and payment systems. Serious players don’t usually bet with someone who doesn’t have a license either.

Check this post to find out how to get a Curacao license for your online casino or sports betting site.

how to start casino in asia

Know your numbers. Make sure you understand the meaning of RTP, GGR, NGR, and other metrics

Metrics are important when you work with platforms and software providers. The fees you pay are usually based on these metrics.

RTP simply stands for Return to The Player

Since your online casino needs to make money to pay salaries, invest in marketing, and cover operating costs, it’s important that you have the odds on your side.

“The house always wins” because all slot games have a certified RTP, which is usually between 88-97%. This means that for every million dollars in bets your players have a theoretical chance of winning back between $880,000 and $970,000.

This is assuming that they play long enough.

GGR is the Gross Gaming Revenue

This is the difference between how much people bet and the amount you pay back.

If the total amount of bets is one million dollars and you pay out $880,000, your GGR is $120,000.

best online casino asia

NGR is the Net Gaming Revenue

Besides the direct winnings you pay out to your players, it also includes bonuses and taxes. So if the total amount of bets is one million dollars and you pay out $880,000 in winnings, you must also deduct the bonuses and taxes paid.

Let’s say that you have to pay $20,000 in bonuses and $12,000 in taxes.

Your NGR is then – $1,000,000 – $880,000 (winnings) – $20,000 (bonuses) – $12,000 (taxes) = $88,000.

online gambling in asia

Another example will be:

With an RTP of 95%, your profit margin is 5%. This means that for every $10,000,000.00 total bet you make $500,000.00. That’s before bonuses, salaries, taxes, and marketing costs.

That gives you a margin because now you know that $500,000.00 is the number you need to bring more people into your casino. Anything left over will be used to pay salaries and distribute among shareholders.

You will use metrics to calculate fees for your platform and software providers

That’s right. Your partners will receive a revenue share. The more you make the more they will receive, so it’s very important to know your numbers. You can then use this knowledge to negotiate a better deal for your business.

That’s right. Your partners will receive a revenue share. The more you make the more they will receive, so it’s very important to know your numbers. You can then use this knowledge to negotiate a better deal for your business.

You will use metrics to calculate fees for your platform and software providers

Have a reliable online casino platform

You can choose between international platform providers, such as SoftSwiss, GiGEveryMatrixNuxGame and others.

Or you can choose one of the Asian solutions. For example, GamingSoftIBS Gaming.

It makes sense to talk to at least three of them if you’re just starting to see what the different platforms have to offer.

We have a list with over 47 iGaming platform providers available to download here. You will also find there a description of five platforms we believe are top choices for startups today.

online gambling asia

Having a good gambling platform provider is critical. This is where you run your entire business from.

You will pay somewhere between $10,000 and $100,000+ for the platform and it will be one of your main investments.

We divide all platforms into three different tiers.

  • Tier-One – entry-level platforms priced between $10,000 and $30,000
  • Tier-Two – The golden mean is sufficient for most businesses. It costs between $30,000 and $55,000
  • Tier-Three – Anything above $55,000
best online casino in asia

What platform do you need for your startup?

That depends on your budget and experience. If you’re just starting out, Tier-1 or Tier-2 is probably the best choice for you. You can always switch to a more advanced platform later.

Another thing is the markets. Some platforms work only in regulated markets, which means they can’t work under Curacao or Kahnawake licenses in unregulated space and need local licenses like UKGC, Spain, Germany and others.

Such platforms include FinnplayGIGWhite Hat Gaming… just to name a few.

The different platforms have different setup fees, minimum fees, and revenue share.

Here’s an example of what your deal might look like:

The revenue share is a royalty % of GGR. Here’s a formula you can use to determine the final amount you’ll pay monthly for the platform:

Amount to pay = (GGR x Rev-Share) – Minimum fee.

For example, your GGR is $120,000. Your calculation is then:

EUR 5.000 – minimum fee
(120.000 x 0,05) – EUR 5.000 = EUR 1.000

In this case, your invoice will be EUR 6.000 plus all additional services like hosting and server.

Do you want to learn about the best platforms for your startup and get in touch with them fast?
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Why is the gambling platform important for your business?

  • The platform is the hub of your gambling business.
  • Your dashboard with important KPIs, bonuses and promotions configuration are all accessible from the platform.
  • Your marketing team will use the platform to develop different logics to attract and engage your clients.
  • Your payment system providers will be integrated into the platform. There you can configure certain platforms to accept deposits. Others will be used for payouts to your customers.
  • The initial verification of all players takes place on your platform. The playing patterns of specific players and the full statistics of their activities are stored in the backend of your platform.

And the better your platform, the more possibilities you have. You can combine a smart and creative marketing system with promotions and bonuses.

You get more opportunities to detect and block scammers and bonus abusers. Most platforms offer integrations with third-party services like Nethone and SEON to spot any suspicious behavior.

You can read more about “How to choose a platform for your business” in this post.

Choose software providers for your online casino

It’s a good idea to work with an Asian provider that speaks the same language and has the same culture.

If your main market is Asian, it usually pays to have partners with whom you can build close relationships. The right people will be able to speed up the processing time and integration flow.

You’ll have a better chance to negotiate a better deal and usually more vendors with local casino games.

Asian aggregators are highly competitive, so be sure to talk to a few and choose one that suits you.

Each market has its own preferred slot provider. You’ll have an advantage if you offer casino games your players are familiar with first, and then introduce them to other offerings.

Check this post for Top iGaming software brands across the world.

The most popular software providers and live studios in Asia:

Each software provider usually charges an integration fee, a minimum fee, and a revenue share.

Here’s an example of an offer you can get from an aggregator:

These numbers determine how much you’ll pay for your games

Now you know what the GGR and NGR mean (see above). Usually, software providers charge a percentage of your GGR.

For example, if the total number of bets in your casino through Microgaming is $1,000,000 and your GGR is $120,000, then you’ll pay 15%, or $18,000

Since the revenue share for each software provider is different, you have to calculate the fees for each provider separately.

In this video I explain how to get the best deal for your software:

For example, Evolution Gaming offers an immersive experience in their live casinos. They offer a unique set of games and dealers specifically for market needs.

If you start your casino in America then your players will play local the Texas Holdem with local dealers.

If you start a live casino in Asia then the Baccarat with local Asian dealers will keep your players engaged for a longer period of time than dealers with a strong English accent.

Here are some online casinos working in the Asian market:


It’s natural that all three sites will show you games and live casinos popular in your geography. They focus on three to five markets and tailor their offering to suit the needs of every market.

You can check the software providers they use by getting an account with them.

Make sure you have an initial investment for your business

Your initial investment has to include:

  • The license and the structure.
  • The platform.
  • Software providers.
  • Online casino website design.
  • Operating costs (hosting, salaries, utilities).
  • Payment service providers.
  • Bank accounts.
  • Budget for your marketing strategy.

Different markets will require a different budget for your marketing strategies. That’s because your cost per acquisition of a new client will be much higher in Tier-1 countries like South Korea compared to Yemen.

Platform choice will also have a big impact on your final price tag.

That’s why it’s impossible to come up with a specific figure without knowing your situation and other variables such as for example, a business model.

Here is how your investment may look like:


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Focus on a specific market will make you succeed

When I hear new startups say, “We want to start everywhere,” it’s like they’re not starting anywhere. You can definitely connect market by market as long as you’re successful. But starting everywhere at once would make you fail miserably.

  • Your offering is different and needs to reflect the local culture, beliefs and trends.
  • Your marketing strategy will also be different. What works in one market may not work in another.
  • It can overwhelm you to control all the payment systems in multiple markets to make sure your system is working properly.

Have a laser beam focus on one particular market and become successful there before expanding your business.

“Jack of all trades, master of none.” – William Shakespeare

Have multiple payment systems for your market

Your online casino business or sports betting site needs to receive money from your customers.

Unlike other online businesses where you can use popular payment systems like Paypal or Stripe to process transactions, for your online casino business you’ll need to use providers who work with high-risk businesses.

Since every market is different and people have different preferences on how they pay, you can have multiple payment system providers for different markets.

For example, PIX is the most popular payment system in Brazil. In India, people prefer to pay with UPI.

Build the core of your team carefully

To be successful, you need to focus on one market and understand it really well!

Great entrepreneurs spend hours learning about the competition. They spend so much time looking at the different offerings in a single market that they know it better than anyone else.

Your best bet is to rely on your network and start there. Ask yourself: Where do I have a strong network of people? Who do I know in those markets?

Start where you think you have the greatest chance of success

If you know some affiliates working in Thailand, and if you can find a project manager from the same region, then you have a good foundation for success. Focus on this market and expand to other markets later.

Your success will depend on your employees because only with them you can gain credibility and trust.

Key positions you should consider hiring for your online casino:

Your entrepreneurial job is to get the best deals, money and the best people. You’ll steer this train according to your vision.

  • General Manager (or a Team Leader). This person should have knowledge in different areas of the business – like team building, marketing, and customer service. This person will run your business.
  • Marketing team. Good SEO and PPC experts.
  • Product manager – someone who knows about different products on the market. His task is to identify the offer to gain traction as soon as possible.
  • Payment Manager – his job is to track all the numbers related to bonuses. Since he knows the numbers better than anyone else, he’ll also identify potential VIP players.

Remember! The speed of your payouts is the key to trusting your brand. Have the payment manager work out a process to make sure your customers get paid on time.

Focus on your market and don’t spread yourself too thin.

“Only an idiot tries to fight a war on two fronts, and only a madman tries to fight one on three.” – David Eddings

Create confidence from day one

Just think about it. You’re offering something that multiple companies have. The source of the games is the same for you and hundreds of other sites. From the user’s point of view, only the site changes. If you manage to build trust with your customers, they’ll stay with you.

The best way to achieve that’s transparency.

This means, among other things, that you need to inform your customers about any delays in the payout. You also need to inform them about solutions and steps needed to make things right.

Remember that people want everything fast these days (preferably yesterday). Any delay increases the risk of bad feedback from various sources. (Sites like will destroy your reputation faster than a bullet).

Explain how your KYC works. If you require a name and a copy of passport for a withdrawal, you should put that in your terms and conditions right away!

If you don’t pay out anything over $5,000.00 on free spins, make sure it’s explained properly. Before it’s too late.

Set your caps. What’s the absolute maximum you can pay out per day, week or month.

Take it seriously

Many casinos have failed here so we learn that it’s easier to do this thing right at the beginning instead of dealing with consequences and low player ranks.

And last but not least: Have customer support that answers all questions immediately! You can outsource that to services like boomaff in the beginning.

Have your own marketing team before you hire a marketing agency

Hire and train your own marketing team. This is critical to your success. It will give your business the focus it needs to succeed.

  • Your team will only work for your business. It’s your job to build a foundation for your success, and a team is invaluable.
  • Your team must be successful to survive because agencies often treat clients as a “numbers game” They may brag about their successes and hide numerous failures.
  • You have better control over what your marketing team can spend. And how they spend it. Agencies need to manage multiple clients to survive.

Don’t hire a marketing agency until you’re successful. Let them scale your success. And let your team learn from them.

Performance agencies focus on one or a few niches and don’t just take anyone on board. They usually have years of experience working with multiple companies with different budgets.

Most likely, they’ve tested hundreds of tactics and spent millions of dollars on things that didn’t work.

Have a budget to run your online casino business for six months

Ideally, you’ll need a budget big enough to run your marketing campaigns for six months or more. And that’s without breaking the bank.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t really care what your CPA is or how much you should pay your affiliates. Leave that to your marketing people.

The bottom line is that your business needs to make money and it needs to be profitable.

When you’re just starting out, you need to keep a close eye on the daily signups and deposits at your online casino. If the numbers are too low over a long period of time, your business will go down the drain. These are the most important things you need to determine:

  • Whether your marketing plan is working.
  • Whether your marketing budget is being spent on the right channel or funnel.
  • Whether you’ve chosen the right deposit method.
  • Whether you’ve signed up the right partners or affiliates.
  • Whether you’ve set a clear goal for your marketing team.


  • As a startup, you need to focus on one market to make it big in the online gambling industry. Trying to succeed in many markets at once isn’t a good idea due to regulatory differences and market specifics. You need to know your target audience and exactly what motivates them.
  • It’s almost always a bad idea to try to succeed in multiple regions at once.
  • Asian markets are different. Use the leverage you have by defining the market you know better than others. Surround yourself with a strong network of people who can help you succeed.
  • You need to build your team, get your offering right and focus on the key metrics that will determine how successful you’re with your approach. Your focus will allow you to pivot without spreading yourself thin.
  • Your business will grow and so will your reputation. Make sure your customers trust you and that key processes are transparent. It is critical for everyone who wants to start online casino.
  • The brand that no one knows is almost as bad as the brand that no one trusts. Because nobody cares if you can be trusted if nobody knows about you!
  • Your brand must consistently deliver what it promises. Define your rules and be transparent at all times.
  • Partners need to know and feel that you care about them. Offer your affiliates a fair percentage and avoid predatory tactics. You can learn more about this here.
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Max Kerry

Maxim is the founder of We help our small and large clients with online gambling licensing, platforms and payment system providers. After more than 300 successful licensing projects, we know exactly what problems every startup faces. We help our clients get the license quickly, choose the best platform and connect all payment methods so they can focus on their business. We also produce free content you can find on this blog or on YouTube.


What are the key reasons for considering the Asian market for an online casino in 2023?

The Asian market presents a compelling opportunity for online casinos in 2023 due to its immense potential. With a large and growing population of tech-savvy individuals, increasing internet penetration, and a growing middle class, Asia offers a vast customer base. Moreover, the region’s enthusiasm for gambling, both culturally and historically, makes it a prime target for online casinos.

What legal and regulatory aspects should one be aware of when starting an online casino in Asia?

Online gambling regulations in Asia vary significantly by country. Some countries have strict anti-gambling laws (like, for example, South Korea), while others have embraced online gambling with regulations in place. Compliance with local laws, obtaining the necessary licenses, and adhering to responsible gaming practices are essential steps for a successful online casino in Asia.
Contact us to learn more about different markets in Asia and license requirements.

How can a new online casino in Asia stand out in a competitive market?

To stand out in the competitive Asian market, new online casinos can focus on:

  • Offering a localized experience with language and currency options relevant to the target audience.
  • Providing a wide selection of games, including popular Asian-themed titles.
  • Implementing secure and efficient payment options, including local methods.
  • Marketing through region-specific channels and understanding cultural nuances.
  • Offering attractive bonuses and promotions tailored to Asian preferences.

By tailoring the casino to the preferences of the Asian audience, operators can gain a competitive edge.

What role does mobile gaming play in the success of an online casino in Asia, and how can operators ensure mobile compatibility?

Most players in the region access online casinos via mobile devices. Operators can ensure mobile compatibility by:

  • Developing responsive websites that adapt to various screen sizes.
  • Creating native mobile apps for a smoother and more convenient gaming experience.

A strong mobile presence is key to attracting and retaining players in the Asian market.

What payment methods should online casino operators offer to cater to the Asian market, and how can they ensure seamless transactions?

To cater to the Asian market, operators should offer a variety of payment methods. These may include:

  • Popular e-wallets like Alipay, WeChat Pay, and GPay.
  • Local bank transfers and payment gateways.
  • Cryptocurrencies, as they are very popular in the region.

Ensuring seamless transactions involves robust payment processing systems, providing multiple options, and addressing any local payment preferences to accommodate a diverse player base.

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