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How to start a sportsbook? Three key things you should know.

You can choose between Whitelabel, turnkey, and API models when setting up your sports betting business.

  1. The Whitelabel business model is the cheapest, but comes with major drawbacks, such as low customization options and high revenue share fees.
  2. The API option, on the other hand, allows you to customize your sports betting business the way you want and compete with anyone on the market.
  3. The turnkey model is the golden standard for anyone who wants to become a bookie. Medium flexibility and full control over cash flow and design elements make it the best model for startups that want to become profitable.

Whitelabel sportsbook solution.

The main aspect of the Whitelabel sportsbook is that it’s a low risk, low-reward option.

In a Whitelabel solution, the provider hosts and manages the sportsbook platform, leaving the client to focus on marketing and operational aspects

The main disadvantage of the Whitelabel business model is that the provider may not be able to make changes to the platform quickly or easily, so the platform may not always meet the client’s needs.

This is the cheapest option where you can control only one thing – your marketing strategy.

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