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Anjouan vs. Curacao: Which Gambling License Suits You Best?

Last updated May 16, 2024
May 16, 2024 License

Are you an online gaming operator trying to navigate the complexities of offshore gambling licensing? If so, you’re probably wondering, “Anjouan vs. Curacao: Which Gambling License Suits You Best?” This piece breaks down the gaming licenses of Anjouan and Curacao, highlighting Curacao’s transition to a new GCB model that’s introducing uncertainties and potential cost increases. As Curacao updates its licensing system to consolidate under the GCB, businesses are increasingly considering the Anjouan license, which offers a similar, cost-effective framework that’s quickly obtainable and comes with minimal geographic restrictions. This license serves as a practical alternative for businesses seeking stability during this regulatory transition.

Understanding these changes is crucial for making informed decisions.

At License Gentlemen, we harness over five years of specialized expertise and a remarkable 98% success rate to expedite the complex gambling license process, enabling our clients to swiftly establish and scale their online gambling enterprises across various jurisdictions. Whether you are obtaining and maintaining a Curacao license, exploring Anjouan’s emerging opportunities, or weighing alternatives, this in-depth analysis will unlock pivotal insights, propelling your strategic decisions.

Prepare for an insightful journey into the ins and outs of iGaming licenses—this read promises to be enlightening and extremely valuable, equipping you with the strategic acumen to navigate the dynamic iGaming landscape.

Comparative Analysis: Anjouan License vs. Curacao License

The iGaming industry is dynamic and requires careful consideration of licensing jurisdictions by gaming operators. Two noteworthy licenses in this sector are the Anjouan License from the Union of the Comoros and the new Curacao License, also known as the GCB Curacao license. This comparative analysis dives deep into both jurisdictions, highlighting their history, relevance, and the transitions they are currently undergoing.

Historically, Curacao has been a staple in the online gambling world, offering a regulatory framework conducive to startups and established operators. However, significant changes are afoot with the old Curacao regime phasing out. Operators currently under the old system must either transition to the GCB Curacao license or find alternative jurisdictions like Anjouan before their existing licenses expire or when the new LOK law is implemented, whichever comes first.

Anjouan, on the other hand, has maintained a more consistent and streamlined licensing process, making it an attractive option for many operators, especially those dealing in areas like crypto and online sports betting. The island’s regulatory approach is focused on simplicity and cost-effectiveness, appealing to new entrants in the gaming market.

Our goal is to assist potential license holders in understanding the key differences between these two options. This analysis will explore various factors including cost, processing time, documentation required, and how each license adapts to shifts in the iGaming landscape.

What are the key differences in the licensing process between Anjouan and Curacao?

The licensing process in Anjouan is often seen as more straightforward. The jurisdiction offers a cost-effective and relatively quick entry into the online gaming market with fewer bureaucratic hurdles. Anjouan’s regulatory framework ensures fair gaming practices and adequate player protection while allowing operators to leverage benefits like lower taxation and privacy.

On the other side, Curacao’s new GCB license aims to enhance regulatory standards and improve international credibility. This means a more detailed due diligence process and stringent compliance requirements which could increase the time and cost for operators to obtain and maintain a license. However, it also means better player protection measures and a commitment to responsible gaming, aligning more closely with European regulatory standards.

Both jurisdictions offer compelling benefits, but the choice depends on the operator’s specific needs such as their target markets, the scale of operations, and their particular compliance capabilities. By comparing Anjouan and Curacao, operators can better decide which jurisdiction aligns with their strategic and operational goals in the constantly innovating online gambling space.


In the iGaming industry, where changes happen fast, understanding the financial implications of licensing options is essential. This section details the costs associated with obtaining a GCB Curacao license under its new economic model, juxtaposed against the Anjouan license, presenting a more cost-effective alternative.

GCB Curacao License Costs – Curacao’s New Economic Model

The Curacao Gaming Control Board (GCB) has revamped its fee structure to enhance regulatory oversight and compliance. This shift impacts various facets of the gaming industry, including operational costs and entry barriers for new and established operators.

Before the New Law (NOOGH Regulations)

  • Annual Fee: ANG36,000 (approximately €17,000)
  • Monthly Fee: ANG7,000 (approximately €3,300)
  • Domains: Up to 40 included, no application fee

After the New Law (LOK Regulations)

  • B2C License:
    • Application Fee: ANG9,000 (approximately €4,000)
    • Annual Fee: ANG48,000 (approximately €21,000)
    • Monthly Fee: ANG4,000 (approximately €1,750)
    • Per Domain Fee: ANG500 annually, no domain limit
  • B2B License:
    • Application Fee: ANG9,000 (approximately €4,000)
    • Annual Fee: ANG48,000 (approximately €21,000)
    • No monthly or per-domain fees

Fees are not final and may change due to uncertainties. We encourage you to consult with us directly at LicenseGentlemen for the most accurate pricing and tailored advice to ensure your platform’s success.

Additional Costs Under the New Regime

Under the new GCB regulations, the total cost of obtaining and maintaining a Curacao gaming license is projected to increase significantly, potentially ranging from 100,000 to 120,000 EUR annually. This escalation is due to several factors:

  • Local Directorship Fees: The requirement for a local managing director adds a substantial annual expense.
  • Office Expenses: Operators are expected to maintain a physical office on the island, contributing to higher overhead costs.
  • Compliance Costs: Adhering to stringent local substance requirements necessitates additional investment in legal and compliance operations.

These changes reflect Curacao’s efforts to align more closely with international regulatory standards, thereby enhancing the jurisdiction’s credibility but also increasing the barriers to entry for smaller operators. This shift is likely to influence the strategic decisions of businesses considering Curacao as their licensing jurisdiction.

Impact on Different Types of Gaming Businesses

  • Online Casinos: The increased domain fees can significantly raise operational costs, especially for platforms with extensive domain portfolios.
  • Sports Betting Sites: Less impacted by domain fees but face higher application and annual fees, influencing overall profitability.
  • Startups and Small Operators: The heightened fee structure may deter entry into the market, favoring larger, more financially robust operators.
  • Established Operators: Might absorb these increased costs, potentially adjusting player charges to offset expenses.
  • New Entrants: Face higher initial costs, which could slow their market entry and competitive scaling.

Anjouan as a Cost-Effective Alternative

Anjouan’s licensing framework offers a predictably lower cost structure, similar to the old Curacao model, making it an attractive option for operators seeking a balance between affordability and operational flexibility. As changes in Curacao’s licensing framework continue to evolve, many businesses are considering a shift to more cost-effective alternatives like the Anjouan iGaming license. By drawing a parallel to the well-understood old Curacao license, Anjouan stands out as a competitive option in the gaming industry, boasting a comprehensive yet affordable licensing structure that appeals to both operators and players, familiar with the value propositions of the past.

Anjouan Online Gaming License Fees:

  • License Fee: The cost of obtaining an Anjouan gaming license is 17,000 euros annually. This fee encompasses the initial setup expenses, annual gaming license costs, and the necessary ISP service for compliance backups, effectively consolidating several essential services into one fee.
  • Monthly Fees: Unlike the Curacao online gambling license, which may involve monthly fees, the Anjouan license offers a simplified fee structure with no monthly charges.
  • Due Diligence Fees: These are required for the initial application and annually after that, accommodating up to 4 Directors/Shareholders/UBOs. The fee ranges from €250 to €500 per subject.
  • Annual Compliance Officer/Key Person Authorization Fee: An additional fee is required annually for each Key Person involved in the operation.
  • Registration Fee: A one-time fee of €1,000 is required at the start of the licensing process.
  • Administration Fees for the First Year: These are set at €1,500.

Total Initial Costs and Annual Maintenance

The initial costs for obtaining the Anjouan iGaming license total approximately 19,600 EUR. This includes the comprehensive license fee that covers both the initial setup and ongoing compliance needs. The annual maintenance also integrates the required annual compliance and due diligence fees, emphasizing Anjouan’s commitment to regulatory compliance and operational transparency.

However, it is crucial to understand that obtaining a license alone will not solve all business challenges. A comprehensive corporate setup is essential to fully operationalize your gaming business. This setup allows the company to accept bets, optimize cash flow, and manage tax obligations efficiently. Partnering with an experienced licensing advisor like LicenseGentlemen ensures that your platform not only secures a license but also establishes a robust corporate framework tailored to the dynamic needs of the online gambling industry.

Comparative Analysis with Curacao

As Curacao revises its licensing terms, Anjouan emerges as a compelling alternative. The Anjouan gaming license offers a predictable cost structure, which is particularly appealing to new entrants and existing operators considering a new Curacao license or a shift to Anjouan. While Curacao has long been a staple in the gaming industry, Anjouan boasts competitive offerings that ensure compliance and operational efficiency without the hefty price tag.

The license also allows significant flexibility and accessibility for international gaming operations, making Anjouan a pragmatic choice for businesses looking to maximize their investment in the online gaming sector.


While Anjouan provides a cost-effective licensing solution and has been gaining market acceptance, it does not yet hold the same level of international credibility as more established jurisdictions. However, for many operators, the financial savings and operational efficiencies outweigh these considerations.

Ultimately, as the gaming industry continues to expand and evolve, both Curacao and Anjouan offer distinct opportunities and challenges. Curacao’s revised regulatory framework aims at enhancing compliance and player protection, which comes with increased costs. On the other hand, Anjouan presents a less expensive and more streamlined option, ideal for those new to the industry or operating with tighter budgets. Operators must weigh these options carefully to find the best fit for their business model and growth strategies.

Anjouan Successful Case Studies

Several online gambling platforms have already benefited from the Anjouan gaming license, these platforms have been able to launch their services quickly and efficiently, taking advantage of the Anjouan licenses’ cost-effective and streamlined licensing process. In conclusion, the Anjouan gaming license is an excellent choice for new gambling ventures, offering low start-up costs, business development support, and a simplified application procedure. Its multifunctional nature, fast processing time, and zero-rate tax policy on gaming revenue make it an attractive option for entrepreneurs looking to launch their online gambling ventures quickly and efficiently.

Case Study 1:

Brisabet is an online casino platform that has been able to launch its services quickly and efficiently thanks to the Anjouan gaming license. With a processing time of only 3-4 weeks, was able to get its license and start operating in a short period. The Anjouan licensed zero-rate tax policy on gaming revenue has also allowed to invest more in expanding its business, including the purchase of high-quality gambling software and hardware.

Case Study 2:

Betzmark is a sports betting platform that has also benefited from the Anjouan gaming license. The platform was able to launch its services quickly and efficiently, taking advantage of the Anjouan license’s cost-effective and streamlined licensing process. has been able to offer a wide range of sports betting services without having to go through the licensing process again, providing flexibility and economic benefits in expanding its services.

Case Study 3:

Sportote is an online casino platform that has been able to expand its services quickly and efficiently thanks to the Anjouan gaming license. The platform has been able to offer a wide range of casino games and services without having to go through the licensing process again, providing flexibility and economic benefits in expanding its services. has also been able to invest more in expanding its business, including the purchase of high-quality gambling software and hardware.

Case Study 4:

Destinyx is an online casino platform that has been able to launch its services quickly and efficiently thanks to the Anjouan gaming license. The platform has been able to offer a wide range of casino games and services without having to go through the licensing process again, providing flexibility and economic benefits in expanding its services. has also been able to invest more in expanding its business, including the purchase of high-quality gambling software and hardware.

In essence, the Anjouan gaming license has been a game-changer for these online gambling platforms, allowing them to launch their services quickly, and efficiently and to expand their services without having to go through the licensing process again. The licenses’ cost-effective and streamlined licensing process, multifunctional nature, and zero-rate tax policy on gaming revenue have made it an attractive option for entrepreneurs looking to launch their online gambling ventures quickly and efficiently.

The time frame

Curacao’s Transition Period

As the Curacao Gaming Control Board (GCB) navigates its nascent phase, the iGaming industry faces a period of adjustment and uncertainty. This transition sees Curacao’s regulatory environment evolve, impacting operators who must adapt to new standards and processes.

Key Challenges During Transition

  • Development of New Processes: The GCB is establishing procedures from the ground up, which leads to expected delays and a learning curve for both the board and operators.
  • Uncertainty in Market Access: With untested regulations, there’s ambiguity around which markets operators can access and under what conditions.
  • Evolving Regulatory Landscape: Operators are cautious, as the full implications of the new guidelines on allowed geographies remain unclear.

How might these changes affect the iGaming landscape?

This period of uncertainty might prompt operators to reconsider their geographic strategies and seek jurisdictions with more established regulatory frameworks.

Anjouan’s Quick Processing

In contrast, Anjouan offers a streamlined and expedient licensing process, which is becoming increasingly appealing to operators seeking quicker market entry.

Benefits of Anjouan’s Licensing

  • Speed of Application Processing: Known for its rapid licensing turnaround. Anjouan enables operators to launch faster compared to other jurisdictions.
  • Operator Experiences: Testimonials from businesses highlight the efficiency and ease of the licensing process in Anjouan.
  • Potential Oversight Risks: The quick processing times might lead to less rigorous initial vetting, posing potential compliance and operational risks in the future.

What should operators consider when opting for Anjouan’s faster processing?

While the speed is advantageous, operators must ensure they still meet all necessary regulatory standards to avoid future legal and operational challenges.

The contrast between Curacao’s regulatory transition and Anjouan’s expedited licensing offers a clear dichotomy for operators in the iGaming industry. Those affected by Curacao’s slow transition may find Anjouan’s quicker process appealing but must remain diligent about the potential for less stringent regulatory oversight.

Documentation and Criteria in iGaming Licensing

The documentation and criteria for obtaining a license play a pivotal role in shaping the operational landscape for gaming businesses. This section delves into the nuances of licensing requirements in Curacao and Anjouan, comparing their impacts on businesses within the industry.

Stricter Curacao Requirements

Curacao’s new licensing regime under the GCB aims to align with international standards, introducing a more rigorous documentation process.

  • Enhanced Compliance Standards: The new criteria emphasize adherence to international regulatory standards, potentially increasing the reliability and global acceptance of a Curacao gaming license. However, it remains plausible and ultimately, the market will decide if these changes enhance the reputation of the Curacao license. Regulation changes alone do not guarantee changes in market perception, and currently, there are no operational benefits compared to the old Curacao license.
  • Impact on Business Operations: These stringent requirements may increase operational costs and extend setup times for new businesses.
  • Long-term Benefits: While initially challenging, these enhanced standards could deter less serious players, thereby elevating the prestige and seriousness of obtaining a Curacao license.

How will these stricter criteria impact Curacao’s appeal to new gaming operators?

The increased demands may make Curacao less attractive to startups due to higher entry barriers. Additionally, while the aim is to improve its reputation among established operators seeking a stable and compliant jurisdiction, it remains to be seen if the GCB Curacao can deliver this consistently. As a relatively new entity, its ability to manage risks and maintain stability is not yet proven, especially when compared to long-established regulatory bodies like the Isle of Man.

Simplified Anjouan Process

In contrast, Anjouan offers a simplified approach that mirrors the older more accessible Curacao model, appealing particularly to newcomers in the iGaming industry.

  • Ease of Documentation: Anjouan’s straightforward documentation process facilitates quicker entry into the market which is ideal for startups and smaller operators.
  • Comparison with Old Curacao Model: This approach is akin to the earlier Curacao system, known for its lower barriers to entry and faster setup times.
  • Implications for Business Security: While the process is expedited, it maintains enough diligence to ensure operational and legal security, balancing efficiency with responsibility.

What are the advantages of Anjouan’s simplified process for new entrants?

The less cumbersome process in Anjouan not only accelerates market entry but also lowers initial costs, making it an attractive alternative for startups and small operators whom the stringent demands of newer jurisdictions like Curacao might deter.

The documentation and criteria for iGaming licenses significantly influence the strategic decisions of operators. Curacao’s shift towards stricter compliance may refine its market demographic, favoring more established companies over newcomers. Conversely, Anjouan’s simplified procedures continue to attract a broad spectrum of operators, offering a less intimidating pathway into the gaming industry. Operators must weigh these factors carefully to choose a jurisdiction that best fits their business model and growth ambitions.

Popularity Shifts in the iGaming Licensing Landscape

The iGaming industry is continually adapting to shifts in the popularity and perception of licensing jurisdictions, significantly influenced by evolving regulatory climates. This dynamic is notably pronounced in Curacao and Anjouan, each representing divergent paths in regulatory evolution and market appeal.

Revisiting Curacao’s Regulatory Evolution

As changes in Curacao’s regulatory framework unfold, its standing among global gaming operators is evolving. The new Curacao license offers a landscape marked by increased costs and stricter compliance measures, introduced by the new GCB regulations. This shift could potentially reshape Curacao’s market position, influencing both its appeal to new entrants and its credibility among established operators.

  • Strategic Implications: With the GCB still solidifying its framework, the uncertainty surrounding operational allowances under the new LOK law presents both challenges and opportunities for strategic realignment within the iGaming community.
  • Long-Term Market Impact: Although the new Curacao license may deter some smaller players due to increased operational burdens, it is poised to bolster Curacao’s reputation, potentially attracting operators who value rigorous regulatory environments.

Anjouan’s Rising Profile in the iGaming Sector

In contrast, Anjouan offers several advantages that are drawing increased attention from operators due to its stable and cost-effective licensing options. While we have already highlighted Anjouan’s more streamlined and economical licensing process, it is worth exploring how these advantages are translating into broader market trends and operational strategies for iGaming businesses.

  • Market Dynamics: The surge in applications and positive industry feedback underscores Anjouan’s growing role as a practical alternative to more traditional jurisdictions. This trend is indicative of a broader shift towards jurisdictions that balance operational efficiency with sufficient regulatory oversight.
  • Strategic Considerations for Operators: The rapid licensing timeline in Anjouan not only facilitates quicker market entry but also aligns with the needs of startups and agile operators looking to quickly adapt to changing market conditions.

Agility and Adaptability in iGaming Licensing

In the dynamic world of iGaming, the ability of licensing jurisdictions to adapt and respond to changes is crucial for their success and attractiveness to gaming operators. This section explores how Curacao and Anjouan are adjusting to industry shifts and regulatory demands.

Adapting to Curacao’s New Model

As we already know by this time Curacao’s recent overhaul of its gaming control framework under the Ministry of Finance and the Gaming Control Board (GCB) poses both challenges and opportunities for businesses in the sector.

  • Deadline Adjustments: Initially set for March 31 and extended to April 30, the deadline for licensees to transition to the new GCB Curacao model pressured many businesses to comply amidst uncertainty.
  • Operational Constraints: As of now, licensees face restrictions like the inability to add new domains or change existing ones, pending further directives from the GCB.
  • Directorship Requirements: The new regulations require a local managing director who is deeply involved in almost all business operations, responsible for compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards, and has access to company bank accounts. This role is subject to yearly audits to ensure adherence to regulations.
  • Migration Trends: Due to the stringent and somewhat opaque new system, resembling those of MGA Malta and the Isle of Man, many operators are relocating from Curacao to more flexible jurisdictions like Anjouan.

Banking and Financial Infrastructure Challenges

Unlike more established jurisdictions like the Isle of Man, Curacao lacks a robust banking system capable of supporting international operations with SWIFT services. This limitation necessitates additional structural solutions for businesses seeking international financial connectivity, which can significantly increase the overall costs associated with maintaining a GCB Curacao license.

Anjouan’s Flexibility

Conversely, Anjouan has demonstrated remarkable flexibility in adapting to market needs and regulatory changes, making it an increasingly popular choice for iGaming businesses.

  • Adaptive Regulatory Framework: Anjouan responds swiftly to industry shifts and crises, offering regulations that support quick and effective market entry and operation.
  • Ease of Documentation and Licensing: Anjouan maintains a simpler and more accessible approach to licensing, reminiscent of the older Curacao model, which is particularly attractive to startups and smaller operators.
  • Growth in Popularity: The jurisdiction’s ability to offer quick adjustments to licensing terms and conditions makes it a preferred choice for operators seeking less bureaucratic inertia.

What advantages does Anjouan offer to iGaming businesses looking for operational flexibility?

Anjouan’s regulatory environment allows for rapid scaling and adaptation, which is critical for businesses in the online gaming industry, providing a balance of ease and compliance that is appealing in the face of more restrictive alternatives.

This dynamic underscores the importance for operators to choose jurisdictions that not only meet current compliance and operational needs but also provide the agility to adapt to future changes and challenges in the iGaming landscape.


The choice between Anjouan and Curacao as licensing jurisdictions remains pivotal for operators seeking to maximize their strategic advantage. The changes in Curacao’s regulatory approach, emphasizing stringent compliance and responsible gaming policies, contrast sharply with the more streamlined, cost-effective options Anjouan offers. This dichotomy presents a significant decision point for online gambling operators: opt for the new Curacao license with its comprehensive framework or shift to Anjouan for quicker market entry and lower costs.

Anjouan has emerged as a compelling alternative to Curacao, boasting a transparent licensing process that appeals to many looking for agility and economic efficiency. Anjouan gambling licenses stand out not only for their affordability but also for their ease of integration, allowing operators to swiftly navigate the complexities of market entry. As Anjouan’s iGaming license gains recognition, more platforms are considering obtaining an Anjouan license to leverage these benefits.

Meanwhile, Curacao remains a stalwart in the industry, its long-established regulatory environment offering stability and a degree of predictability that is highly valued. The Curacao license provides operators with a robust framework that supports extensive market reach and ensures compliance with international standards. However, as Curacao authorities adapt to global demands for tighter regulation, the island of Anjouan presents itself as an agile alternative that caters well to startups and operators aiming for rapid deployment.

At License Gentlemen, we specialize in navigating these nuanced regulatory waters. Our expertise is in crafting tailored solutions that simplify the licensing process, enabling your platform to focus on delivering top-notch gaming experiences. By partnering with us, you gain access to a team that is dedicated to ensuring your compliance and operational success, enhancing the appeal of your platform and the competitiveness of your offerings.

For operators poised to make a decision, whether to obtain an Anjouan gaming license or opt for the new Curacao license, the choice involves more than just comparing fees and processes. It requires a strategic partner who understands the nuances of both jurisdictions. Visit License Gentlemen for detailed support designed with your platform’s success in mind. Let us help you navigate these decisions, ensuring that your licensing strategy aligns perfectly with your business goals and market dynamics. Connect with us today, and let’s elevate your platform to the forefront of the online gambling industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the primary differences in the regulatory environments between Anjouan and Curacao?

The key differences lie in the complexity and compliance stringency. Anjouan provides a simplified environment, which is efficient for rapid licensing. On the other hand, the changes in Curacao’s regulatory framework under the new GCB model have led to a more rigorous process. The new Curacao license has introduced stricter compliance and enhanced player protections, demanding more detailed operator due diligence.

How do the costs of obtaining and maintaining a gambling license in Anjouan compare with those in Curacao?

The costs in Anjouan are generally lower, making it an appealing choice for those looking to minimize expenses. In contrast, Curacao offers a new economic model with increased licensing fees, which can impact the overall affordability of maintaining a gaming operation under a new Curacao license.

What are the specific advantages of choosing a Curacao gambling license over an Anjouan license?

Curacao offers established international recognition, which can facilitate market access and enhance credibility. The new Curacao license is particularly advantageous for operators who require a robust regulatory framework that supports extensive international operations, adhering to the highest standards of compliance and player protection.

What types of gaming operations are better suited for an Anjouan license, and which are more compatible with Curacao?

Startups and smaller platforms might prefer Anjouan due to its cost-effectiveness and quicker setup process. For larger entities or those targeting extensive international markets, Curacao offers a more suitable environment due to its global recognition and stringent regulatory standards. This makes it ideal for operators who must comply with complex international laws.

How do the international reputations of Anjouan and Curacao affect the credibility and market access of gambling businesses licensed in these jurisdictions?

While Anjouan is building its reputation, Curacao’s long-established status enhances the credibility of its licensees, providing wider market access. Businesses may opt for the new Curacao license or shift to Anjouan depending on their strategic needs—whether they prioritize cost efficiency or broader recognition in the global market.


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